June 26, 2010

In The Shadow Of Giants...

A vista I well remember...that of the much-loved Horicon Marsh.
Geese spending a warm, hazy day on the water. Quiet and serene,
interrupted by the sound of familiar red-wing blackbirds calling
from their swaying, marsh grass perches.
Orange day lilies growing haphazardly along the roadways,
waving in the breeze, bright greetings to passers-by.
The pastoral scenes of serene holstein cows in farm yards.
The familiar Dairyland of my childhood, now existing in the shadow
of giants. Wind generators to mark a new age, new needs, new ways.

I'm not sure that I fully appreciate this "progress".
I guess I really am an "old-fashioned girl".

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Jan said...

Always fun to go home, even though some of the changes don't quite fit with the memories. Enjoy your visit!

Vintage Sandy said...

Donna...you almost took my breath away with your "Beautiful" ATC you sent me just as it say's on the front it truly brings me JOY... when I seen it on your blog I was really hoping it was made for me thank you dear friend & sorority sister enjoy our trip!

DeeDee said...

Looks like you are in my home town almost....I sure love them day lillies so much I brought some home to Texas,,,,what a lovely journey you have captured here today....a little old fashioned is never a bad thing...hugs


Anonymous said...

Hi Donna,

I am living a combination of an old-fashioned life - cooking meals from scratch, washing dishes by hand, embroidering, walking for exercise, polishing the silver... and a new-age life - electricity from our off-the-grid wind generator & solar panels, a computer, cell phones...

To me, the wind generators in your photo look like a modern version of a Dutch windmill. We have them here in Colorado as well.

Wishing you a lovely Sunday,

Deb said...

Those wind generators always seem strange to me. Like something from another planet or something. Certainly doesn't do a lot for the landscape, but I suppose do good in other ways.

Shirley said...

Hi my friend, I have been a little slow lately, but I have been visiting, just not like I like to do. We have a several wind farms not to far from us. It not going to do away with all of our other energy like they claim.Your post makes me think of the two lane roads that we like to drive to see the countryside, but we still have some under water with the floods that are still in our area. Some homes have been hit hard, and it is not the first time. Our governor took a tour yessterday to see the damage we have to north of us. Hopefully the Missouri river will get back in its banks.
Have a wonderful week Your Missouri Friend.

Linda K. said...

Great photos of Wisconsin. I love Horicon Marsh! It's like a time capsule. It seems the land never changes there. The green lush land in Wisconsin took my breath away this last visit. All their rain and humidity really pays off. It's a gorgeous place up there.


Michelle May said...

Such a beautiful place even if the wind generators are there. Do they make a lot of noise?


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