May 23, 2009

Well-Worn, Loved, Constant...

Does something have to be new to be exciting? If that were true, there would be no room for "shabby chic", "vintage" or even, "anniversaries".

I was given this teddy bear by my Uncle Johnny when I was born in England. It traveled across the ocean with me and has been with me ever since.

The comfort of an old teddy bear - worn from years of cuddles, whispered secrets, outdoor picnics, first-love tears. Marking years of growth, exploration, contentment, maturity and happiness, punctuated with tears - happy and sad.

Moving - to a new school, a new neighborhood, a new town, a new state - a life packed, transported, unpacked. Relationships long-gone and outgrown, and a marriage of twenty five years. The joys of a familiar hand to hold, a neck to snuggle, the knowing looks and simultaneous thoughts.

In this world of disposable, expendable, and short-lived, this constant old friend, silent witness to my life shared with my husband - our lives bound by common threads, shared vision and boundless love...unselfish, unfettered, unending.

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White Linen ~ Lavender Field said...

What a neat post and lovely little teddy. Memories are a few of the threads that bind a life together. Keep in touch.



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