May 20, 2009

She's Resting Comfortably Now...

Kes and I went for a walk this morning to chat and get her psyched for her trip to the surgeon today. Well, actually she was getting me psyched for her trip to the surgeon today. Dogs are like that, you know.

Watching her trot along in the grass, sniffing each yard and looking for her familiar neighborhood buddies made me realize how healthy she really is - except for this nasty cluster of tumors - so I should stop fretting and trust that she'll be just fine.

Dr. Kirsh called about thirty minutes ago to say that everything went just as expected, with the exception that the tumors really weren't as big as his exam led him to believe (that's good), and that Kes was already awake and doing well (that's great!). She'll be able to come home tomorrow.

It's going to be a quiet night here without a doglet in the house, but I'm very grateful that the miracles of modern veterinary medicine have once again taken care of one of our beloved pets. I'm going to go and make a cup of tea now, sigh a sigh of relief...and thank God that my little girl will be alright.
7 pm Wednesday Evening: I just spoke with the vet at the Emergency Clinic where Kes will spend the night. She's alert and whines a bit when she changes position, which I'm told is from surgical discomfort. Otherwise, she's doing great. She's been outside and took that well. They have her scheduled for a little bland dinner in a couple of hours and, in case you didn't know, Labradors never turn down a meal! I'm sure she's going to like that.

The vet promised that they would contact me if Kes' condition changes, but they don't expect any problems. I said that they could feel free to call me to go back to Sarasota if Kes told anyone on staff that she needs her "mom" to hold her paw. At least I know that I can sleep tonight, assured that she's safe and being monitored by the caring and watchful eyes of the staff at the clinic.

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Anonymous said...

Great that everything went well for Kes. May you have lots more walks and cuddles together.



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