May 29, 2009

A New Member Of My Collection...

You already know that I love pincushions and collect them. Well, so do most of my friends. Last Tuesday night my friend, Tammy, surprised me with a new one for my collection.

In all my years of collecting pincushions, I've always admired the colorful silk cushion held by a circle of little men with pigtails. I've seen many, but I've never purchased one. I'm not sure why not...I just haven't.

You can then imagine just how tickled I was when Tammy told me the story of an older lady who was being moved out of her family home and "downsizing" her possessions. All the family members had gone through the items that would not be moving with this woman, and then told Tammy that she could choose anything she'd like. She said that she didn't really want anything, but knew someone who would love this pincushion. My friend was thinking of me!

We met with other knitting friends at Books a Million for our usual Tuesday night knitting group. I had just settled into my chair and was taking out my current project (more tea towels!), when Tammy placed this beauty on the table in front of me. I picked it up and told her it was beautiful. It was at that moment that she announced that it was mine. I hugged and thanked her, and then safely tucked it into my knitting bag for the rest of the evening and our trip home.

My new cushion will have an honored spot in my studio. I'm so grateful to Tammy for thinking of me and gifting me with a piece of sewing history This little pincushion was obviously used for its intended purpose, which makes it even more special to me. I now have a connection to the woman who just moved into a nursing home. A shared bond - connected by pins, needles and thread.

To see my pincushion collection (not just the ones I've made)...I have started a new album which you can find with the other albums in my sidebar. As I take photos of the rest of my collection, I'll update my album.


Hog Update: I've been adding photos to The Great Hog Invasion of 2009 album in the sidebar - and including captions for dates and activity. We finally had a trapper here last night. He was shocked by the close proximity of the damage to our home. He said, "Looks like this guy is practically living with you." (No kidding!)

Well, the hog wasn't captured last night. He wasn't even in the next door wood lot when they went through to track him. Apparently, he was having dinner at a friend's house instead. He waiting until the trappers and dog had left and returned here at about 2:30 this morning. I've posted photos from last night and this morning to tell the story.

Jason (the trapper) will be back this evening with a trap. We're going to try a new approach to move the Lone Ranger out of our yard. Once that's accomplished, we'll be looking into hiring a crew to come in to re-grade and repair our lawn. (Thanks, Pig!)

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Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH! What a mess. But I do have to say Jason the Trapper is mighty cute!!!!!! amy

Anonymous said...

Donna, My "redneck" inquiring mind wants to know if hunting them is legal, and can you make sausage out of them? Marion

Brynwood Needleworks said...

You're pretty funny! The trapper has a license to trap/hunt the hogs. Once in his possession, the hog will reside happily on the trapper's property until, as he said, "my family gets hungry". So, there you have it!

Just imagine a whole herd of grannies drooling over "my" trapper. That's all he needs! He told us this morning that he had to go straight home when he left (as opposed to stopping with his stepson for breakfast first), or his pregnant wife would be upset that she wasn't along with them. She's expecting in September. I think she's gonna have a looonggg summer!
Hugs to you both;

The Feathered Nest said...

What a sweetheart!!! I know you will treasure this little pincushion and the fact that you were on your friend's mind....sweet blessings, xxoo, Dawn

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Thank you, Dawn. It sure is sweet, isn't it?
I posted an album of my pincushion collection so you can see the rest of my beauties.


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