May 21, 2009

Kes Is Home Again...

Kes came home with me this afternoon. I took an embroidery class at my favorite quilting and fabric shop in Sarasota today, and before the class was over my cell phone was ringing. It was the clinic.

Chris The Anesthesiologist told me that Kes was "anxious" to come home. I laughed out loud because I could hear her howling in the background. I asked, "She's finally worn out her welcome, hasn't she?" He just repeated, "She's really anxious to go home with you." I laughed again and assured him I was already in my vehicle and would be there soon.

I walked in the front door of the clinic and could hear her all the way to the reception area. I didn't have to wait long at all. Chris quickly explained all the post-op stuff and then brought her to me. I spoke with Dr. Kirsh for a few minutes while Kes quietly waited (eyeing the door), I said we'd be back for our follow up appointments as scheduled, and then we left. I didn't hear a peep out of her all the way home, brought her into the house and fed her, and this is all Handsome and I have seen since.

Dog feet, and now two shaved forelegs - one from the biopsy and one from the surgery. Sheesh! I thought they would have used the same leg!

And now, my mostly sleeping dog. I think she's down for the night.

An exciting couple of days for my little girl, but now she's back home and she knows we'll take care of her.

Tomorrow is another day, but tonight we'll concentrate on healing.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Kes! Sleep well...

celia said...

Welcome home, Kes. :D

Anonymous said...

Welcome home lovely pup. (big pat) She looks so peaceful and happy asleep on her patchwork


mum said...

it's great to hear she is safely home and recovering well from her surgery. She knows she's where she wants to be and is greatly loved, what more could a girl want. Mum


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