May 17, 2009

My Blanket Update...

I promised an update to my goal to sew up six baby blankets to present for Project Linus on Monday. Alas there are only three...but let me explain.

I was busy cutting and sewing and sewing and cutting on Friday, and, might I add, quite pleased with my progress. It was certainly a day well-spent. Handsome thought I should take a break and that I shouldn't need to cook dinner, so he suggested we go out for a Friday night date. I jumped at the offer!

We decided on Olive Garden, and had only a short wait before we were seated at a nice table in one of their side rooms. We got caught up on the events of the past few days and soon were sharing one of O.G.'s yummy house salads. Handsome ordered the chicken marsala and I ordered ravioli stuffed with portabello mushrooms. Everything was delicious and "just enough" food. We left sated and happy.

Friday evening was a bit uncomfortable for me, but Saturday morning I usually meet my friend, Netta for breakfast. This week, her daughter, Shaina was going to be able to join us, so I didn't want to pass. I ordered a light breakfast of egg and blueberry muffin (which I didn't finish), and visited with the girls.

When I got home, I went to bed, where I spent most of the day. I know it's not the flu, but I'm suspicious about dinner the night before. I have been taking it easy today - still a bit under the weather - and wish I'd finished all my blankets.

I'm happy that there are three new coverlets to take to Linus on Monday. You can see fronts and backs of each one in my photograph. Yellow background with airplanes and a plaid back; baby hands and feet in a soft pastel front and back; and finally, buttery yellow with teddies and a green check back. At least three little ones will have new blankies...and I'll take the rest a week from tomorrow.

I also want to tell you about a feature I've added to the bottom of my posts...You'll notice a little envelope with an arrow inside it (next to where you can add a comment). You can now click on this link to email my posts to a friend. They also appear next to previous posts, so if there's an earlier one you want to share, you'll be able to do that. Thanks again for visiting. Share at will...the more, the merrier!

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Anonymous said...

baby blankets are soooo cute.

Janet said...

I hope you are feeling better by now. You were a trooper to finish the ones you did. They are very warm and that a word?


deece said...

"snuggleable" a word? Yes, most definitely! Thanks, J. I feel much better today!

Netta said...

Didn't know you were still under the weather. Let me know if there is anything I can do. The blankies are so cute!


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