May 11, 2009

Everything Old Is New Again...

Who would have thought I'd be excited about an iron? So often, it brings to mind the image of a woman wearing a bandana on her head, toiling over white shirts, and leaves feministas to cringe at the thought of one of their own degrading themselves with such menial tasks. Well, I'm a seamstress and, gosh darnit, one thing we require is a really great iron!

When I was working with the beautiful cotton batiste for the recent christening gown project, I constantly fought the steam holes on my Rowenta. Even when I shut off the steam feature and drained out the water, it would manage to sputter unexpectedly on my perfect white fabric, inciting a barrage of expletives deleted, followed by a work stoppage to rinse away the offending tiny stain.

After joining a conversation about the best technique to attach a collar to a collar stand (don't ask) one of the gals suggested a book entitled Shirtmaking by David Page Coffin. I'm always willing to learn something new or improve my techniques - and I love books! - so I ordered this one, and man, am I glad I did. There were myriad things I didn't even know I didn't know!

The author suggests many tools and gadgets to help create those perfect shirts and the one tool he said everyone needs to own is a dry iron. No tiny steam holds on the sole plate, no sputtering, no fancy bells and whistles, no stains. Just dry heat for carefree pressing.

So, I googled "dry iron" and found that one of my favorite online sources, Vermont Country Store, carries them...and only $29.95! Less than half the price of a good steam iron! So, I ordered one right away, and it arrived today. I'm the proud owner of a brand-spanking, new Continental Platinum Dry Iron.

Life is good. This homemaker is tickled pink to have a new iron! I wonder whats next...perhaps I should get a new washboard?

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Zieknits said...

Oooh, nice iron! A dry iron is also handy for applying that wood-veneer "tape" to the edge of a plywood project, to cover the tell-tale ply-layers and make it look more like real wood. Y'know, should you ever want to do that. :)

Zieknits said...

Oh, yeah, and it's also really good for 'embossing' rayon velvet with rubber stamps. Probably slightly more likely than the wood veneer thing. :)

deece said...

Thanks for the info! Now I have the right tool for multiple jobs. Yippee!!

Anonymous said...

Not only a new washboard in the future but probably a new mangle wouldn't go stray either. Enjoy your new toy.


KnitWithTammy said...

And while you are going "there", I can teach you to make your own yarn on your new spinning wheel! ;)

deece said...

You gals are cracking me up!


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