May 3, 2009

Summer Vacation for Handsome...

Last night was a gas. Handsome had one more performance before the snowbirds head north - when the Concert Band, Orchestra and Chorale all go on summer break.

Locals assembled at the North Port Performing Arts Center, and this proud wife sat in the balcony so I could have the best view of his performance. I love watching him play, and usually have "cheek cramps" by the end of the evening from continuous grinning. Last night was especially fun because he was the only percussionist setting the tempo for the singers, all who perform for the sheer joy of making music.

Handsome is a seasoned performer, having begun in music classes in grade school and over the years he has amassed a long resume' of professional credentials. This is his first full year performing in North Port, so the people with whom he performs continue to be impressed - and I can't help but crow about him!

Well, I shot a few videos and have uploaded one from last night for you to see. Just click on the title of this post to view it...and notice that I've added a section under his photo on the right column. As I add more videos of his performances, you'll be able to enjoy his talent right along with me. I hope when you watch the video(s), you get cheek cramps right along with me!

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Bonnie said...

Great picture of the hubster, and the concert repertoire was cute! He's a great percussionist. Glad you figured out a way to share that.

Ms. B said...

I left a comment while I was watching the YouTube video. I'm luv2knit2 on YouTube. To repeat my YT comment, this man is truly a musician--he's off into his Djembe. My grandson Khalil was watching and loving it too. Khalil was beating on my arm like I was a Dejembe.

Anonymous said...

Had me smiling too, i really liked Big Spender.

Linda DG&B

deece said...

Big Spender is my favorite, too. Still can't get it out of my head. I wake up every morning with the music already playing! (sometimes, "AARRGGHH!!")
Thanks for commenting!


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