May 6, 2016

Lucky Me...

Photo from Kris' Blog: Lavender Quilts & Other Fineries

I've been blog friends with Kris Young for a long time...almost as long as I've been blogging myself. I love seeing what she's doing, and get over to her blog to visit as often as I can. Kris is the creative force behind Lavender Quilts and Other Fineries blog and designs.

On a recent visit, I saw that she'd created this lovely "I Pledge Allegiance" quilt and was having a giveaway to celebrate her new design. I left a congratulatory note for her and wished everyone good luck in the drawing.

Imagine my great surprise when I received a note from Kris to tell me I'd won! Me!!! I was so excited!

Brynwood Needleworks - Lavender Quilts "I Pledge Allegiance" Kit

My "I Pledge Allegiance" kit arrived in the mail today, all the way from the great state of Utah! I almost opened the package as I walked with the dogs back up to the house, but I waited until I got back to the studio. I danced with delight when I opened the envelope!

Brynwood Needleworks - Lavender Quilts "I Pledge Allegiance" Kit
Look at all the gorgeous fabrics that Kris chose for her design! I think they're perfectly wonderful and will make up into a really fabulous finished quilt. I can't wait to work on it, either. I think this will be my project for Nifty 50s.

If you've never visited Kris' blog before, you really must stop in and explore. If you'd like to purchase Kris' "I Pledge Allegiance" pattern or kit, she has them available for sale in her Etsy shop HERE. She has lots of other beautiful things there, too!

Thank you for my lovely, patriotic gift, dear Kris. I'm looking forward to creating your design. I'm so grateful for your generosity. Sending love and smiles from my side of this great land to yours. xoxo


4 friends clicked here to leave a note for me:

Sewing In CT said...

That is a lovely quilt. Gorgeous fabrics!!! Congratulations. It will be lovely.

Createology said...

Congratulations Donna. You are the perfect recipient for this beautiful quilt kit. Saturday bliss dear...

Kris said...

Oh, wow, Donna!! I am thrilled your kit got to you so quickly and thank you soooooooooo much for the wonderful post on your winnings!! I hope you have as much fun making this quilt as I did!! It really is a glorious quilt and conveys how much I love this Country!! Enjoy, dear, dear friend!!

CathieJ said...

Congratulations on the win. What a great quilt pattern. I know you will enjoy stitching it.


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