May 1, 2016

We Won...

Brynwood Needleworks - At The Ballgame
We hadn't attended a Stone Crabs game in quite a while (for no good reason). I really enjoy baseball, and I think it's truly Handsome's favorite game (second only to his shareholder status for the Green Bay Packers - See the cap he's wearing?). 
We originally took this picture to send a text to our sport-crazed grandson. He giggles that Grandma and Grandpa take selfies to text to him. (I know. We're dorks!)
I learned the basics of the game in grade school, but have since learned the subtle nuances and elegance of the game from my husband. I love seeing the game through his eyes.

Brynwood Needleworks - Presentation of Colors for the National Anthem

From the National Anthem, all the way to the final out, I'm completely engaged. Something about guys in uniform, you know? Although, I do admit, I find myself wondering, at random moments, who cleans those uniforms, and how the heck do they get that red clay out of the fabric?

Brynwood Needleworks - Play Ball!

I also love people watching, and that can be pretty interesting at a ball game. If you sit with young families and couples, I guarantee lots of smiles. There was even a tiny baby at this game. Guess Mama and Daddy want to get him started early! He was adorable in his mini jersey.

Charlotte Stone Crabs played against the Ft. Myers Miracles. We won 2 to 1, in a 4 hit game. There were fireworks scheduled afterward but the dogs were waiting for us at home, so we left as soon as the game was over.

Brynwood Needleworks - The Ball Park on a Perfect Evening
We decided we're going to add a few more games to our schedule this summer. I'm already looking forward to our next trip to the park!

Handsome's final concert of the season was yesterday afternoon, too. The crowd was enthusiastic and appreciative. The music was wonderful, and it was another fine day spent with patrons and musical friends.

Today, I'll be working on that video Tag told you about last week. If I don't finish editing it so he can post it tomorrow, I'll never hear the end of it! Better get back to business. 

Happy May, my friends.

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