May 19, 2016

Why Handmade Matters...

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I came across THIS article yesterday and thought it was worth sharing. If you're a creative soul, and you sell your creations to others as I do, you might also find this interesting. (Click the word "THIS" in the first sentence to link to the article.)

I've told you before about my "creative imperative" unceasing desire to make things for our home, family, and for others. The article spoke to me on the subject of sharing - either through gifting or sales - and gives a perspective on the value of what we do.

I believe you already value handcrafted. This article helps you to place the highest value (not necessarily in dollars) on the creations of your hands and heart. I think the article is appropriate and informative, whether or not you sell your creations. Enjoy!


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Createology said...

Thank you for sharing this article about valuing hand made works. Too many people merely want everything for nothing. I cannot afford to create hand made works and sell them for ten cents on the dollar. I prefer to gift my hand made works to those who will appreciate them. If I ever come up with the holy grail of hand mades then I may change my mind and make a good living selling what I create out of love and dedication. Embracing Creative Bliss...

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

This is a good article. It is why Etsy became so popular. I miss having a place to easily find artisan items. I used to sell to supplement my income but still enjoy making for gifts and donations.
xx, Carol

Danice said...

So true. Some people think that we sew because it's "all we can do" or we are "poor". Yet, they expect us to sew for them for very little pay. They'll say "I already spent X amount at the fabric store and now you want paid?" Or, "You must think highly of your sewing". Well, what they spent on the fabric, that money does not go to the seamstress/crafter. People may not realize that the price of thread and needles is not cheap either. And, yes, we are rightfully proud of our creations and talents. While some people may just not realize, others are just condescending, aren't they?


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