May 18, 2016

I Meant To Do It...

Brynwood Needleworks - Tote In Progress

Ever have one of those days? Well, I have...and Handsome (my very own Jiminy Cricket) said I should tell you about it. "You always post your successful completions. Maybe it would be good to share a mistake once in a while.", honey. So, here I am telling you about a mistake I made.

You can see how far I got on the tote (ready to assemble the lining), when I realized I'd made a mistake. (And it was looking so good, too!)

Brynwood Needleworks - Tote Pocket Fronts

I had stitched out the Corgi embroidery for the front pocket (below the zipper), but assembled my whole (perfect) pocket using plain fabric. I put it on my sewing table to admire my work, and saw the embroidered piece on the table...instead of installed into the pocket assembly. (I might have said a bad word, which is why Handsome came back to the studio to see what was wrong.)

The tote I've started will be set aside for now. I'll complete it later (without an embroidery), and then listed in my shop after I finish this order. I started over to make the new tote that includes the Corgi embroidery.

Brynwood Needleworks - Tote Pocket Detail
I'm nearly finished making it now, but decided to show you the entire correct tote when the wallets are finished, too. 
I could say, "I meant to do that", but the truth is I didn't. Now that my mistake new design option is out of the way, let's hope there are no more for the balance of this project. 

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laurajane said...

It's a beautiful tote with corgi its a beautiful tote without.x

Createology said...

Thank you Donna and Handsome for sharing your reality that things don't always go perfectly as we would like them to. The "Non-Corgi" tote is beautiful and will certainly sell quickly. Your work is always stellar dear. Now where was that Camel yesterday...Julie Julie Julie???


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