February 22, 2016

Tuesdays With Tag - The Birthday Girl...

Brynwood Needleworks - Birthday Bella

Hi, Everybody!
I can hardly wait to share yesterday with you.
I was forced to have my picture taken with...

Brynwood Needleworks - Birthday Bella

The Birthday Girl. 
(She's back there. See?)

Brynwood Needleworks - Birthday Bella

I loved this picture...where I'm out in front, but let's face it...
today's post isn't about me. cough

Brynwood Needleworks - Birthday Bella

Dad thought it would be nicer if we sat next to each other.
I suppose I can do that, but I don't have to get cozy with her.
Bella smells funny, and she's a girl!

Brynwood Needleworks - Birthday Bella

What? You want me to "smile", Mom? Sure!

Brynwood Needleworks - Birthday Bella

This is as close as I'm gettin''. Are we almost done?

Brynwood Needleworks - Birthday Bella

Here she is...Birthday Bella. 
One whole year old.

Isn't she pretty? I'm so glad she lives with us. We really do have fun together. Let's just keep this between us, though, okay? I don't want it goin' to her head.

She had a good Birthday. We played with her tug toy; hung out at my pool; had some homemade snacks; and played fetch in the yard. Mom even groomed me and Dad groomed Bella. We were havin' fun and lookin' good. 

Happy Birthday, Black Dog.
We love you. (Did I just write that? gaaaahhhhh) 

I'll see you again in seven! 'til then...
"Chase A Dream - Or A Squirrel".

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh wow!! that year flew by!! Seems like you were just posting about Bella being at puppy camp. Love the side by side pics. My Never Been To Obedience mutts would NEVER sit that quietly, but we still get fun pics.
xx, Carol

Jacque. said...

Happy Birthday, Bella Girl! Poor Tag...love/hate relationships are difficult...xo

Createology said...

Tag you are very sweet to host a One Year Birthday Pawty for Bella Butt. She looks like she really admires (and loves) you. After all you are her "Big Brother" and she looks up to you (even though she is so tall). Smooches my little Corgi Cutie!

Jane said...

Happy Birthday to Bella! Aren't you a lucky girl to have such a wonderful Big Brother?


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