February 25, 2016

Tea Mats Shipping Today...

Brynwood Needleworks - Tea Mats
A friend of mine uses the term "under the needle", which I really like. I hope she won't mind that I use the term, too.

Under the needle yesterday, was a pair of tea mats. That's what I'm calling these larger-than-mug rug-sized pieces. Most of my mug mats measure approximately 11" x 7". My tea mats measure 14" x 10". 

I'm making these for a dear friend and her special, little girl. They love pinks and having tea parties, so my friend requested something just a bit larger than my mug mats. I've even incorporated a fabric that she shared with me months ago!

Brynwood Needleworks - Tea Mats

I'll finish binding them this morning, and they'll be in the mail before the end of the day. I'm tickled that I was asked to do this special pair of tea mats for them! I'm hopeful, when they arrive at their destination, there will be two happy, special ladies, too.

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Danice said...

How pretty, and nice gifts. I love those fabrics :)

Debbie said...

I make this size a lot. Love the addition of that bit of lace. So very pretty.

Createology said...

Lovely in Spring greens and pinks. Tea parties with these will be even better because you have hand crafted them with love. Embracing Spring Bliss...


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