February 19, 2016

Pineapples On Display...

Brynwood Needleworks - Birds In The Pineapples Quilt
For those of you who don't already know...I usually write my blog posts in the evening and the posts go live at midnight. It was a really looooong day, so this shall be a really short post.

This picture was taken on set-up day, after my pineapple quilt had been hung. Having been folded since Monday...and likely in the back of someone's car with a pile of other quilts waiting for Thursday - it's fairly wrinkled. I really wish we had a way to drag a steamer around the show floor to straighten out all the quilts prior to the show opening, but we don't.

This quilt received an Honorable Mention, and I was thrilled. I was very precise with the piecing and the quilting motifs turned out really nice. I'm going to list it to sell in my Etsy shop on Monday. I'll post on my Brynwood Needleworks FaceBook group page when it's up.

Day One of the show was a rousing success. The vendors were thrilled with their sales totals, and many said they'll definitely return in two years. Our attendees had gorgeous quilts to view, and quite a variety of vendors from which to choose.

As the Official Guild Photographer (OGP), I'll take two pictures of each quilt today...one of the whole quilt, and a second of the name tag (and any ribbons) to identify it. I'll be sure to take pictures of the vendor booths, too, if the shopkeeper will allow me. I'll share mosaics of all the quilts and vendors with you on Monday.

I hope you have a quiet, restful weekend, my friends. Handsome has a concert on Sunday, and I'm looking forward to sitting back and letting the music carry me away.


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Createology said...

Lovely quilt and congratulations on your Honorable Mention. There must be a portable steamer for quilt shows. You look radiant dear. Enjoy your OGP duties and then yes...let Handsome's music concert carry you away on the waves of notes.


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