September 4, 2015

Thirty One and Done...

Brynwood Needleworks - Wallet #31 - Black Beauty
I've actually remembered to write my blog post today. I know. As Handsome's mom would say (and he loves to mimic), "Well, pin a rose on you!" Destiny and I have been whoopin' it up in the studio this entire week, and we have a little more accomplished to show for it.

After I finished the first wallet with this same exterior, I received an order requesting the same exterior. I didn't have enough of the interior fabrics to completely duplicate it (and as the other one was a Birthday gift for our daughter-in-law, I wanted hers to be unique), so I chose coordinating, but different fabric for the interior.
Brynwood Needleworks - Wallet #31 - Black Beauty Interior and Accessories
This wallet is different in another way, too. As of September 1st, all my wallets will have a special treatment between the exterior and interior fabrics that blocks (as in, protects) chipped credit cards from hacking or identity theft.

As always, it will arrive with a wrist strap, shoulder strap and key fob. Oh, and I tucked a shiny penny in the coin purse, because you never share a wallet without including a coin! (You already knew that, right?) I put this commission in the mail yesterday and it's well on its way to a new home.

This wallet is Number Thirty One. "And Done", means this one is finished, not that I won't be making anymore. (I already have another ten cut and prepared to sew!) 
Brynwood Needleworks - Pembroke Welsh Corgi Mug Mat In Progress
Once I finished the wallet, I immediately began work on another of my handcrafted Corgi mug mats.
Brynwood Needleworks - Pembroke Welsh Corgi Mug Mat
This is what it will look like after I finish it today. I have a small supply of the same fabrics, so it will look the same as this, although the print proportions may differ slightly. It is handcrafted, after all, which makes "handcrafted" so special.

I'll put this in the mail today, along with another item purchased by the same client. Who knows what's next after that? I'm sure I'll think of something...and of course, there'll be time spent with Handsome and The Corgi, too. Tag will tell you all about the Adventures of The Black Dog on Tuesday! (I don't want to spoil his surprise.)

I'm off to play. See you tomorrow.

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Jacque. said...

As always, am so impressed with your fabric choices and work. Beautiful! And, of course, the Corgi Mug Mat is very special. Glad to see you're having time with Destiny. xo

Createology said...

Consider yourself pinned with a beautiful rose my dear. Your work is exquisite and always handcrafted to the finest possible. Spending time to enjoy the family will be well earned. Safe Labor Day Weekend to you...

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I always love to see your projects. You creativity never ceases to amaze me!!


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