September 16, 2015

Back In Orlando...

Brynwood Needleworks - Ready To Travel
Yesterday morning found me ready to travel to St. Cloud and Orlando. Handsome loaded everything into the back of my Explorer and I was on my way.
I'll be at the Village Walk Town Center by ten o'clock this morning to meet with the other ladies from our group who are joining me in presenting our dresses to the Dressed In Hope group for Dress A Girl Around The World.

My back still hurts - and I'm trussed up like a turkey with back support and Icy Hot patches - so I'll keep this post short. Come back tomorrow after I've landed back at home for pictures, totals and the story of our first effort joining the Dress cause.

(No Corgis were injured leaving home yesterday. Tag wasn't happy to be left behind. Come to think of it, Handsome wasn't either!)

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Createology said...

I am so sorry your back continues to hurt and this road trip will not help it. Thank you sew very much for delivering all these wonderful dresses. Safe Travels Dear...


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