March 30, 2012

A Little Mystery Is Good...

I haven't been sharing any current wedding quilt updates for a really good reason. Seems a certain bride-to-be (for whose wedding the quilt is being created) took a little stroll around these parts the day I posted the fabric I'll be using! How's that for not-so perfect timing?

Because I never know exactly when that sweet thing might visit again, anything else I share about the project will be obscure until right before, or after the big day.

I do want you to see that I've received the template set and book that I was waiting for from Marti Mitchell's website. Now that these treasures have arrived, I'll begin the cutting and creating. I'm so looking forward to making this one. I have high hopes that it will be gorgeous and that our friends, the groom and his bride, will be happy with the finished quilt.

I'll share more photos next week. Vague and mysterious, of course.

Tonight's the big night. I'll be closing the giveaway at 11 pm ET. I've noticed that we're so close to 700 followers/friends. If we hit 701 by this evening, I'll give away two of the gifts (two winners!).

Good luck to all. Have a great weekend! I'm off for Saturday morning coffee with my girlfriends!

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Vickie said...

Oh rats!! So much for surprise! I think you should definitely keep the pictures til the day after. We can wait! :)

Createology said...

Oops...I was thinking there was a really good reason you had stopped sharing that gorgeous project. I am curious what is in those Marti Michell newly acquired goodies...hmmm. Superb weekend dear...we will be having more rain.

Karen said...

Templates?? That is quite a time consuming task. If those are the colors you will be using this is going to be quite a lovely quilt.


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