March 22, 2012

Marion's Beautiful Beads...

I received a wonderful box of handcrafted beads from my dear friend, Marion yesterday. She told me that she made them in beautiful Spring colors to look like sea glass. She also created fabulous bone-shaped beads and made a new pair of earrings for me! (She knows that coral is one of my favorite colors.)

I had to call her as soon as they arrived to tell her how much I love them and how talented she really is. I got my Troll bracelet because of Marion, and she's given me nearly every bead that sits on it. (I found the great little corgi bead on Etsy!)
This is how I've been wearing my bracelet these days. Won't those earrings be a perfect compliment to the beads?
Of course, I immediately had to pull out the special storage box I have for all my precious beads so that I could switch them out for my new Spring look. Don't you think that Corgi approves? I sure do!

Thank you, again, Marion. I'm so glad you love the gift I sent to you for your recent Birthday, but these beads represent hours of patience and talent, my dear. I love each and every one - and the generous friend they represent.
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Tomorrow, I'll be sharing more Farmer's Wife blocks. I've been busy working on new blocks and will show them to you. I'm really having a lot of fun working on them. More tomorrow.

Happy Friday!

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Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh Donna your new sea glass beads are just gorgeous. How wonderful to receive these. I love how you can change your darling bracelet. The little Corgi on the bracelet is just too darling.
Gosh I miss you. Loved coming by here tonight.
Hope you and Handsome have a wonderful weekend
Love ya

Carol said...

Love your bracelet! Your corgi bead is wonderful!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Those beads do look like sea glass! I love them. I love my Troll bracelets, too!

Anonymous said...

<3 <3 <3

Patty C. said...

Too cute ;)

Sherri said...

I love the sea glass colors-gorgeous! Love that corgi bead! Too cute!!

Createology said...

Marion really does make beautiful beads. These new Spring sea glass inspired beads are gorgeous. Really cute coral colored dogbone earrings for you to wear with your Corgi bead bracelet. Again, Happy Third Blogiversary. Blissful sewing...


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