March 29, 2012

I'm Not Nuts - Really...

Handsome had a fabulous band concert last night. We had planned an after-concert party at our house for a number of the musicians and their spouses, so I got a late start on my post for today. We had a ball, and as soon as I process the concert videos I'll be adding a few numbers to the list on my sidebar.

I want to show you three new residents at Brynwood today, though, so let me begin the introductions.

When I got ready to leave Wisconsin early this month, Deb surprised me.  I walked out of Grace's house to find these three critters on the hood of my Explorer to take home with me!
This one is my favorite. He's heavy, and I like that he's so lifelike. He is keeping me company in the studio for now. Perhaps he'll eventually end up on the covered lanai, but for now I like having him close.
This one is ceramic, so he's more fragile. I haven't decided where I'll put him, but I know he'll be in a safe place where certain corgis can't knock him over and break him. (We won't mention any names.)

The third one is more "cute-sy", but Grace liked him so that's good enough for me. He's not breakable, but I'll have to keep him out of direct sun and weather. Perhaps the table in the entry would be a good place for him?

I think they should have names. Don't you? Let me know if you have any ideas.

Tag has a vet appointment today. We're going to meet and go through a number of precautionary bloodwork and exams before we schedule his "nootering" appointment next week. I'm not telling him about it at all. What he doesn't know...

Tomorrow night is the drawing for my Blog Birthday giveaway! Be sure to get your name in the drawing if you haven't done so yet! (I'm just might add a few surprises!)

See you tomorrow.

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Elsina said...

What a lovely collection! I love squirrels. All though I have seen them in Europe (they are everywhere in English parks), I have never seen one here. Have a great weekend!

MosaicMagpie said...

Squirrel names....that requires some thought.
Lanny for the one living on the Lani.
The ceramic one- Biscuit. My grandmother had a squirrel that would come to her backdoor every morning for a biscuit she would bake for him. She loved that squirrel and would be so delighted to see him. He would come up to the backdoor and sit until she handed him his biscuit.
For the little cutesy one you are on your own, it is a tough nut to crack thinking of squirrel names.

Vickie said...

Sometimes my mother and I walk together at the park. We feed the squirrels nuts. None of them will come and take it out of our hand, but they come very close. The short, chubby one you have reminds me of "Sherman". I named one park squirrel that because he is very solid looking. He reminded me of a sherman tank. :)

Createology said...

How fun to have a new trio of squirrels each with its own personality. We have lots of grey squirrels that run around our property and I adore them. Names are very personal although Scooter comes to mind for the little smiling squirrel. Too funny...


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