March 10, 2010

I've Got Mail...

I was pretty excited to find boxes waiting for me when I returned from Wisconsin! Troy over at Junk Exchange had shown photos of their booth in Canton on his blog one day, and when I saw baby shoes, I contacted Troy to see if he'd ship a pair to me. He was happy to set aside a pair, then I transmitted payment via our favorite online method and they were here when I returned! Aren't they sweet? They arrived with the shred inside them, so I think I'll just enjoy them like this for a while as I decide what I'll do with them.

You know, anytime you see something that a blogger is selling - even if it's for a booth - you can try contacting them and asking to purchase from them. That's how I received some goodies from Debra at Common Ground and a few others, including Troy. (Oooo, perhaps Dawn at The Feathered Nest would be willing to mail from her new booth, too!) If you love it, I'm sure they'll ship. Anyway, it never hurts to try. Right?

I'm also busy working on the items for my upcoming First Blog Birthday Celebration. I'm sure you've noticed my beautiful, big celebration button over in my left sidebar, so you already know the theme. I'll have multiple gifts again, so there will be multiple happy winners for this celebration. The fun starts March 15th, and it will be for Brynwood followers only.

Oh, before I forget...I still haven't heard from Jeanette from Sweet Jeanette. If you're pals with her, please let her know that I still need her address to send the Grand Prize from my last giveaway to her. I've tried contacting her through her blog (again yesterday), and still no reply. I really want to ship out the package of goodness, but am stumped. (Heck, if someone has her address, please send me an email and I can send it off to surprise her!) THURSDAY MORNING EDIT: Sweet Jeanette saw my post today and I now have her address. Her giveaway package will be on its way to her house! Woo hoo, Jeanette!

Almost all the other prizes have been sent, so if you haven't received your package yet, please contact me. I know only one other person still hasn't contacted me with their address (an egg timer winner). Hmmm... maybe they don't want their prizes? Do you think?

Beth at Gypsy Fish Journal is having a giveaway. She'll be drawing a lucky winner on March 24th, so be sure to stop over and say hello. She has such a lovely place to visit! Just click on her photo to check out her blog. I'll be joining her again, along with the other bloggers participating in her Silver Sunday event this weekend. Hope to see you then!

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Lululiz said...

Those baby shoes are so adorable! I am waiting for our boot fair season to start so that I can hunt around for something similar.
I am getting very excited about your giveaway now. Yours is starting when mine is ending. Perhaps thats a good omen for me? Lol, fingers crossed.

DG said...

You got me thinking with those cute shoes...I know where I can find some cool things for you!
Glad you & Steve had a nice trip.
Have a super sunny day!
TC...DG (VT)

Jennifer said...

So sweet! Where do all the baby shoes go? Jennifer


Claudia said...

I did the same thing - saw something in Debra's booth - emailed her - and lo and behold, I have a beautiful print of a collie and a lamb!

love the baby shoes!


The French Bear said...

Donna, the baby shoes are darling!! I think I may have a pair of the Dutchman's around here somewhere.
I will be waiting to see what lovely thing you make with the baby shoes.I hope I remembered to give you my address for my egg timer, I can't wait to try it out!!! Glad you had a wonderful trip and are home safe and sound....
Margaret B

Jane said...

Can't wait to see what you do with those baby shoes. I have a pair and I need some inspiration!!
Have a great day.

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Donna! Those baby shoes are just too cute, stuffing and all!
Oh boy...another giveaway! I won't be stingy though, since I was one of your last winners...BIG TIME YAY ME!!! You know how we have so many things in common? ... We're very close with our 1 year blogging birthdays too. Mine's in April! How funny! xoxo's Paulette

Stacey said...

Donna your little baby shoes are adorable. I have my baby shoes in a curio cabinet. Love to look at how tiny they are.

Congratulations on your blog anniversary! You are so sweet to give away prizes.

Shirley said...

Your baby shoes are adorable. I am looking at the thumbprint of three adorable faces, that I can't wait until I can read what you have written. I sometimes get lucky and time it just right and see it while you are checking how it looks. You take care. said...

Love your sweet baby shoes. It's awesome to buy from other bloggers, for the past few years I buy all of my gifts from other bloggers or etsy. I think it's so important to support eachother. Thanks for that message Donna. Too bad Jeanette saw the message, I was going to volunteer to take that prize off your hands! Lisa

nancy huggins said...

We sure do have a lot of the same tastes...You like prim..I like prim...You like bunnies..I like bunnies...and now you posted about some baby shoes...I love baby shoes and have some I made into pin cushions on my huggins haven blog. I keep looking for the OLD high button or lace shoes like the ones I made into pin cushions and sold just before Christmas.
I still have some of my DD Nellies baby shoes like the ones in your picture so I am anxious to see what you do with yours to give me some ideas.
I will be posting my give away tomorrow since I need to get a better picture of a gift that I just got from a new friend and would like to share it.
Stay tuned to my blog for some more interesting posts in the future :)

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

I'll claim Jeanette's prize!
It's a big sacrifice, but somebody has to make it. ;-)

Isn't Troy wonderful? You would love him, Donna.

Your next giveaway looks FUN!


Andi's English Attic said...

Love the shoes. My mum told me about a tv antique programme the other week where a person brought in a pair of baby shoes they'd found in a wall they'd knocked down in their house. The dealer told them that in the 1700's it was considered lucky to hide a pair of baby shoes in a wall. That's how old the shoes were. I thought you might be interested in this little titbit. xx

Violet said...

Hi Donna! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Oh, your sweet doggy Kes! What love they bring into our lives!

When I saw your baby shoes it reminded me of one that I saw at a vintage flea market last week. It had a little nest atop it. So very cute! I'd been wondering how to use my daughters tiny pink leather baby shoes... scuffed and precious. You know how one idea can spark another! ~ Violet


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