March 1, 2010

For A Good Cause...

My friend, Nancy from Inside Nana's Head has two dogs that are the center of her universe. Recently, her black dog, Maggie, was diagnosed with heartworm disease. For those of you unfamiliar with this disease, parasites afflict the area around a dog's heart - and left untreated, will eventually strangle the heart and cause the animal's demise.

There is a treatment available to cure affected dogs. She (Maggie. Not Nancy) has had to go through an expensive treatment to cure her of this painful and debilitating disease. (You can click on the photo to link to her blog and read about her dogs.)

Nancy's vet has allowed her to make payments on the outstanding bill, but being the resourceful woman she is, Nancy would like to sell some of her wonderful handcrafted bags, dog beds, pincushions and primitives to settle her debt. She also makes handmade soaps in unique and special shapes you're sure to love. Her shop is called Huggins Haven. (You can click on the shop name or the image above to link there.) Perhaps you could mosey over to see if there is something you can't live without...and help zero out that vet bill with a purchase. Thanks!
For those of you who have been commenting about seeing the little icon for my (or other's) blog posts, but don't find the post when you click on it - I frequently write my posts hours (or in some cases, days) prior to them appearing here. When I do that, I hit the "publish" button to make sure it looks good before I save it as a draft and then schedule it for later publication. Apparently, when I do that, Blogger captures the icon and puts it up as a new post, in spite of the fact that I've saved it for later. Sorry if it caused consternation. Glad if it made you want to keep checking back!

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Debra@Common Ground said...

Hi Dear Donna, thanks so much for posting the blog celebration button! You're such a great bud, I just love ya! I'll go check out your friend's store. Hope her sweet doggy will be well soon.
big hugs,

DeeDee said...

hahahaha! I love the anticipation it brings....I get it a hour before mid-night time. lol.

can I re post your post to my blog to see if we can get people to Nancy's shop.?

you know I am a fur baby lover and would love to help out..drop a note...

so glad Maggie is better now...she has a great mom.

Lynn S. said...

You did a wonderful job blogging about my friend's loved pet. Hope Nancy gets lots and lots of sales.

Shirley said...

You are such a wonderful friend to lend a helping hand. Pets are just like a child and when they hurt you hurt. It is wonderful the vet will let her make payments. I am headed her way to check out her shop. Thank you for sharing.

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Awwww, bless Maggie's furry little heart!
I'll head over to her blog and check out this worthy cause.

Thank you for clearing up that little mystery for me, I was wondering what was going on with your posts lately. You little tease! ;-)


Jane said...

Thanks for the link Donna...I'll go check it out!


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