March 21, 2010

A Serious "Gotta Have"...

Have you seen this? Do you know what it is?
I receive Clotilde's knit, crochet and quilt catalog in the mail.

When I was looking through it recently, I saw this rack
which is used to store cutting dies for the AccuQuilt Go! Cutter.

This is the copy that goes with the die rack:
"A fabric cutting revolution!
This handy little rack holds all your AccuQuilt® GO™! dies,
and keeps your sewing room neat as a pin."

I actually laughed out loud.
After walking into my studio yesterday, I think I need one of these...
or perhaps a professional organizer!

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Mandy said...

I agree! I really could do with someone to sort out my room with me. It is a complete disaster at the moment - too untidy to get anything done.
On second thoughts, maybe I really ought to get on with doing something so I can get something done!
Oh dear..........

Shirley said...

I just wondered what it was when I saw your picture. I didn't realize they had such things. You are second blog today that has showed me something new. Take care. Your Missouri Friend.

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Ooooo, a very cool organizational item! I'll come organize your space. You know I love that kinda thing!
hugs and friends,

nancy huggins said...

How cool is that..I have never seen anything like that...ya learn something new everyday...isn't blogging great?
Maggie is back in the doggie hospital and won't be home until Wed...Calli is very clingy so it looks like Calli and I may be sleeping together in the guest room.
This means my vet bill is going to go up again so I am going to be having a blow out sale in my blog some time Tues and then after that is over I am going to have a yard sale in my blog and in my yard.
I pulled the name tonight for the give away and will be announcing that later or tomorrow also.
Take care


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