November 21, 2009

Acorn Ornaments...

This is what I've been doing lately. I've been making Acorn Ornaments! Believe me, they're like one can have just one!

I spent the day making a tutorial for you, so now you can make your own acorns. You're really gonna love me, because I also spent some time figuring out how to make it possible for you to download pdf files directly from my blog. No more emailing to request pattern pieces or instructions! I know...I'm the bomb, right?

I'm also going to augment my Flickr album tutorials with pdf instruction sheets, but adding lots of photos (as I did to the Acorn Ornament) makes for large pdf files. I'll keep the Flickr albums up and available because they'll show more detail. (I'm talking about the Rabbit Pincushion and Scissors Bunnies.)

Those instructions sheets will show up in my sidebar, right along with my newest ones, when they're completed. (Expect to see them after the holidays, unless I get all my other projects completed early. A girl can dream, right?)

To find the patterns, just scroll down my left sidebar until you find the BoxNet widget with my patterns listed. Then, just select the one you want - or go ahead and download all of them! - right to your computer. Easy peasy and just for you!

You don't have to sign in or anything to download my patterns, but I'd love it if you'd leave a comment here to let me know that you liked my idea enough to want the instructions...and you'll get your name in the giveaway drawing at the same time!
I'm a little behind in my responses to the newest visitors to my blog. I'm so grateful that you're all so happy with the items I've chosen for the giveaway(s). I promise to get over to visit you just as soon as I can. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you better.

Thanks again for all your kind words, thoughts and insights. Your visits mean the world to me!

Oh, I don't want to forget to remind you to scroll down my left sidebar for another reason...I have posted linky buttons to a number of other giveaways now in progress. You're going to want to check out all the wonderful things other bloggers are listing in their drawings, too!

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Draffin Bears said...

Hi Donna,

I love your little Acorn ornament ~ how lovely.
Many thanks for visiting me today.
I hope that you are having a great weekend


The Rustic Victorian said...

Well,,that is just the sweetest! It's nice of you to share patterns.

Katie - My Paisley Apron said...

Those are cute! And thanks for the buttons to other giveaways. I always wondered how people found so many!

snickers4 said...

It's the perfect addition to your signiture style! I love it and can't wait to make some too!

Love, LAE

Karen said...

love the acorn ornament .. i am always looking for different ones either to make or buy for the fall .. love that its pdf too!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

That is precious! Girl you are so talented!

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Hi Donna, I haven't been here for awhile. Where do you get your energy? I'm going to check out this give aways on your side bar and of course I want to be included in anything you do. And those acorns would look perfect on my tree. I check them out.

I am going to have a give-a-way, for my followers. I'll do it sometime next week.

Love ya Babe

Valeree said...

Hi, I love your acorn ornaments. So cute!! Thanks for stopping by, leaving a comment, and becoming a follower! I really appreciate it. And oh, I've added your button to my sidebar.

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Hello Donna!,
As soon as I laid eyes on the Acorn ornament I knew I would have to make some! They will go with my rustic decor perfectly! Love, love them!
And I think you are just the sweetest ever to take the time to figure the downloading all out and offer the pattern!
Thank you so much!
Blessings to you from the Cabin!
Claudia O.

DeeDee said...

Well isn't that just the cutest thing..I have some very nice felt/wool just waiting for a great pattern ..thanks for that...I love it and it si so your style get so much done...I wish I could get my self back to sewing...thanks again Donnna

Christine Edwards said...

Those acorn ornies are adorable! If I find some time (hopefully after the in-laws are gone on Saturday) I can make a few myself. Thanks for sharing.

Barbara Jean said...

Those are so sweet!!

Love the colors.

barbara jean

am i supposed to enter with each comment for the giveaway?? =0)


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