November 9, 2009

Canadian Acorns...

Remember my request for acorns? Monday, I received a package from Canada! It was from Margaret B., of The French Bear blog. I couldn't wait to open it! This is what was inside...
Such pretty packages! I was tickled already.
At that point, I was still just looking at the beautiful trinkets
on the wrapping! Then, I opened each of the packages!
Can you even believe the generosity of sweet Margaret?
I knew she's talented with a needle and thread, but, Oh, My!
Here, look closer and I'll show you what I mean...
A fabulous, gorgeous (did I say fabulous?) acorn needle book
and matching acorns pincushions! All handcrafted by Margaret B.,
her very own self! And can you see the acorn stamp off to the side?
I can't wait to use it. And, as if that weren't enough...
There were two acorn place card holders
(which I'll be using in the studio to hold the cards
Margaret included in the packages), and two large
wooden acorns, which are already taking up residence
among the big bowlful of Brenda's East Texas acorns.

The antique photo cards are beautiful in their own rite,
and I'm going to keep them out where I can look at them.
They make me smile.

Dear Margaret, you'll be receiving a proper thank you in the mail very soon, but I want to publicly thank you for your creativity, your ingenuity (I never expected these acorns!), and your incredible generosity. If you had been in my home when I opened this package, you would have heard my exclamations as I opened each package. You would have seen the tears in my eyes that you would have gifted me with these delightful acorns...and the work of your own two hands. I love everything. Tthank you very, very much, my friend.

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The French Bear said...

Donna, you are so welcome! It was so much fun to make you some "acorns". Once I found out you like acorns, it's like they were popping up all over. I just love it when a gift is so well received!
Big acorn hugs!!!!
Margaret B

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

What a generous and kind-hearted person! You're going to have acorns coming out of your ears!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

How very sweet and kind of her. Bloggers are some of the most generous people in the world. I love the two old photos she sent. They make me smile, too! And that rubber stamp, how cool is that?! Have a wonderful day, Donna! Twyla

Grandma Nina said...

That was so nice and thoughtful of Margaret. Bloggers are the nicest people. Maybe there would be Peace on Earth if everyone blogged.
Right now I feel like it's my own little secret.

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

What a perfect gift for a perfect friend.


Michelle (Shell) May said...

Margaret is such a wonderful person! Wow! Those are just so darn gorgeous! She's got so much talent and I admire her so much. Lucky us that we have gifts made by her loving hands.


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