November 8, 2009

Making Beautiful Music...

Sunday afternoon was like a fairytale romance. Every time I hear Handsome playing with the local orchestra or concert band, I fall in love with him all over again. Sunday, I was completely head over heels.
You see, today was a little special. He and the orchestra's string bass player, Jerome Butler, accompanied a gifted and talented pianist by the name of Mike Markaverich to form an incredible trio performing out in front of the orchestra.
With the orchestra, they performed Love Walked In, The Man I Love and Love Is Sweeping The Country in one set. Then they performed Hooray For Hollywood, Singin' In The Rain, Over The Rainbow, As Time Goes By and A Day In The Life Of A Fool in a medley of cinema favorites.
After intermission, the trio performed alone onstage. They played much-loved jazz standards, Beautiful Love, When I Fall In Love and Doxie. Call me biased, but they were really good. They were a trio for this performance only - and only had time for a few rehearsals together prior to the performance - but they were really in sync.

Oh, yes...Mike is an incredible pianist and completely blind. God has given him music in all forms. He has perfect pitch and his range and repertoire seem endless. He and Handsome really connected. Three talented musicians came together for this ensemble performance, and they got a standing ovation. I guess it wasn't just me!
The orchestra also played American Symphony by M. Kamen. You do remember, Mr. Holland's Opus, right? That's this. Handsome was back on the kit behind the other musicians for this number.
Their final piece Sunday afternoon was Stars and Stripes Forever. Mike came back onstage for this number. The program was so perfect, and the music "filled me up". I recorded the whole concert on my new Canon Vixia HG21 Digital Camcorder, and just as soon as I can figure out how to download the performances to my laptop, I'll be sharing some of this beautiful music with you.
Until then, please enjoy these images, and imagine all of these talented musicians performing for you on a sunny, November, Florida afternoon, making beautiful music together.
If you're interested in listening to and/or purchasing some of Mike's cds, here's a link where you can preview his music. Really, it's a great listen!

Sunday morning, I created the Scissors Bunny I & II tutorials for you. This second pattern will give you the option of making a bunny with a front pocket, instead of little bunny feet. If you have trouble downloading the pdf of either of the pattern sheets, just send me an email through my blog link, and I'll be sure to email a pattern sheet back to you. Thanks for your patience.

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Claudia said...

Aw, you are so cute! I know that feeling! It sounds like just the most heavenly day! I love all that music and there is nothing like hearing music live!

Linda K. said...

I love a live orchestra and bet your afternoon was heavenly to say the least! Can't wait to hear the music. Have a wonderful week, Donna!

Linda xo

Grandma Nina said...

Hi Donna, Just came across your blog and I'm in love with it. You and your husband are two very talented people. I also knit, sew and quilt and also make pincushions and have an Etsy site. I just took a look at your Boutique, your Etsy shop, and your Flicker site. We sure have a lot in common. So nice to meet you. I'll be visiting again.

Christine Edwards said...

Mmmm, sounds like a wonderful concert. Congrats to the husband on his trio performance. :-)

icandy... said...

Hello, Donna!
You are just so thoughtful...I received your note in the mail today!! Thank you so very much, sweet~ you didn't have send anything! :) I am so happy that you enjoyed the little package!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely way to spend the day.
Thanks for sharing the photos:)


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