November 6, 2009

This Is A "Piggy" Post...

I purchased this on eBay years ago because I fell in love with it. Now, ten years later, I've decided I want to send it on to another home. (Thanks, Shell for helping me set my "purging priorities".)

Here's the rub...I know what the listing told me when I purchased it, but I don't really know if that description was genuine or accurate. I admit that I purchased it simply because I loved it. What's the age? Is it really Majolica? I know what I paid for it, but don't know if it was reasonble. Anyone know what it's worth? Can anyone tell me more about my piggy pitcher?

This little piggy measures approximately eight inches tall, and is about eight inches from the widest part of the handle across to the end of its snout. It's in perfect condition, with no cracks, crazing or chips. There are no identifying marks on the bottom or elsewhere on the piece.

I know there are so many knowledgeable folks out there in Blogland. I'm hoping that someone will read my post and be able to tell me about it - or pass it on to someone else who can tell me about it. I'd really appreciate any information anyone can share with me. Thanks, in advance!

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Twyla and Lindsey said...

Sorry I'm not more helpful, but there are things about him that look like majolica. I couldn't say for sure that it is though. Good luck and have a wonderful weekend! Twyla


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