November 24, 2009

Holiday Sparkle, Music And A Smile...

Handsome accompanied a local musical group when they performed yesterday. I had to be in Sarasota and missed the fun...and I'm told it really was fun.

Of course, I knew he was going to be playing with them, but yesterday morning, I noticed a garment that I hadn't seen before. All bright and sparkly and new. I knew it was Handsome's attire for the performance, and I giggled as I told him, "It's you, Baby!" I knew right away that I was going to be sorry I wouldn't see this show.

Last year, the North Port Chorale asked him to stand in for their usual percussionist. The young man who usually backed the group didn't want to miss his high school prom. Handsome was glad to help out, and they were pretty enamored of his musical contributions. (After all, he has over forty five years experience on their usual drummer.)

He was soon after contacted to ask if he would be the regular percussionist for their group for the 2009-10 concert season. In addition, they requested that he accompany their select group of singers who perform separate from the Chorale called the Soundsations. Never being one to turn down an opportunity to play, Handsome agreed. (So you don't worry - their previous drummer went off to college.)

Yesterday, the Soundsations performed music from their repertoire as they entertained the residents of a local nursing home. I'm told that one gent, in particular, was completely taken with the music. He spent the afternoon "dancing" in his wheelchair, and there was occasional whooping and hollering from others in the gallery, too. You can imagine the group was a big hit!

Thank you to Sharon (the pianist) for taking a photograph of Handsome for me in his concert attire. Nothing like a little holiday sparkle, music and a smile to get you in the spirit of the season!
Only two more days until the end of my 200th Post Giveaway. If we get to 200 followers, there will be a second drawing, too. I just want to remind you to post your comment each day for additional entries.

Have fun as you prepare, primp and plan for time with family, and if you're planning to travel this Thanksgiving, please be safe. I'm looking forward to reading how each and every one of my blogging friends spent their holiday!

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beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Donna! I smiled all the way this post! Love Handsome's vest too! ;) Paulette

DeeDee said...

handsome does look quite dashing is his new attire...what a lovely story teller you are keep me reading to the very end..Happy Holiday season my freind.

Barbara said...

Donna, Sounds like your Mr. is very busy and You missed a great preformance.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your family.


The Rustic Victorian said...

Happy Thanksgiving Donna!
I'd say you have alot to be grateful for with a good man, a handsome man, a man of talent!
God Bless you and yours!

snickers4 said...

Happy Thanksgiving! He really does look quite dashing! Gods Blessings to you both and your family as well. In Joy! LAE

Claudia said...

Oh, Handsome looks wonderful, Donna! I know how proud you are of him. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my friend!


The French Bear said...

Why Donna, he is certainly handsome!!!! There is something about a man that can make music!!!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
Margaret B

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Donna, you better keep your eye on this fella, going off to the nursing homes, the gals there may just want to keep him!! He looks great, and what a fun, blessed thing for him to do. Have a great day tomorrow!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Hi Donna! You have so much to be thankful for and I know that Mr. Handsome is at the top of your list. I hope you both have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Twyla


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