January 3, 2017

Studio Prep...

Brynwood Needleworks - Panoramic Picture of My Studio Space

After all the travel excitement, and annual year-end events, it's always difficult for me to motivate back to the studio. This weekend was no exception. While some of my pals were reveling in their new projects, I decided to balance my time with Handsome and friends instead. The studio will be waiting, so I needn't worry about that.

Most of my supplies are back in their rightful place, with the exception of things still stored in my large, rollabout tool kit (that rolling black case sitting right next to my sewing machine table). I'll put those things away today.

Brynwood Needleworks - Zippers At The Ready!

However, there are things that are ready and waiting right now. Take my box of zippers and my zipper tapes, for example. (I don't mean actually "take", by the way. I need these things!)

Brynwood Needleworks - Prepped Zipper Tapes

I've already started preparing my zipper tapes into the lengths I'll need for my upcoming projects. I have some great plans for stocking my shop in the upcoming weeks! I'll be ready for reopening soon, too!

Brynwood Needleworks - Handbag And Wallet Hardware
My hardware orders arrived, too, so I've organized everything in anticipation. I work better when things are in their place and ready to go. Gosh, I waste time when I have to hunt for something I've misplaced. sigh

I'll be working in the studio today. I'm anxious to show you what I have in mind, but I can't until I get a sample or two completed! No time to waste. You'll see soon enough!


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Createology said...

Balance is good and I like how you did so after the holiday rush. I have yet to get back into anything creative. With all our rain and snow I simply feel like pulling the covers over my head. Being organized and not having to waste time hunting for supplies is a very good thing. Blissful Balance Dear...XO

Clara said...

Wow!!! It's everything so well organized!


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