January 4, 2017


Brynwood Needleworks - Chocolate Chippers
No sewing yesterday. Change of plans. Instead, it was a day of bookkeeping, homekeeping and baking. Friday is Handsome's Birthday (woot! woot!). He has orchestra rehearsal today, and he wanted to take a treat for when then musicians go on break midmorning. He asked me to make chocolate chip cookies for him.

As it happens, I had picked up two bags of gorgeous shelled pecans when I stayed in Cordele, Georgia on my way up to the farm in December. They were perfect for my double batch of cookies for him. Now, there's a lovely, big, Tupperware bowl, filled with cookies heading to Sarasota. (Plus, a smaller container staying home.)

Bookkeeping done? Check! House clean? Check! Dogs fed, aired and happy? Check! Handsome at rehearsal? Check! Today, I'll be in the studio! See you tomorrow.


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Anonymous said...

Send some of those to Maryland, will you? haha! You have no idea how hungry I am being on a diet and all! Take care, "sweet" friend!

Createology said...

Chocolate Chippers look yummy. How thoughtful you always are to Handsome. Happy Birthday! I know you will enjoy your day in the studio.

mray said...

Yum! Have been literally craving, your cookies all day........ok, if I bake them I will have to test the first three or four, maybe more! Really think our recent rains in southern California have brought out this "ache to bake".....and now I must tomorrow! Thank you in advance for the extra pound! Always enjoy your blog Donna. Happy birthday to your hubby!


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