January 25, 2017

Meet Miss Sadie...

Brynwood Needleworks - Singer 600e Sewing Machine

In 2016, our quilt guild had their most recent quilt show. (Our next one is in 2018.) One of the fabulous features of our show is our Boutique. Guild members make and donate everything from pincushions to thread catchers to aprons and placemat & napkin sets. Members also donate fabric scraps (4" square and larger), magazines and books related to sewing and quilting, and even used tools.

I was heading out of the Boutique after making a few purchases and passed this machine on my way out. I asked one of the ladies working behind the checkout table if it had been sold yet. She told me it was still available. I got out my checkbook and immediately paid for it.

Brynwood Needleworks - Singer 600e Sewing Machine

This machine is a vintage Singer Touch & Sew Model 600E. I've cleaned her up and named her "Sadie".  She and Kenny are going to get on famously. Hazel moved to a new home last fall, so Sadie will take up the slack.

Brynwood Needleworks - Singer 600e Sewing Machine Attachments

She came with a full array of accessories. All of her presser feet, ruffler, sole plates...everything was included.

Brynwood Needleworks - Singer 600e Sewing Machine Stitch Cams
In addition to the cams that came in the original attachments box, there was another box of cams (they each represent a specialty, decorative stitch that adds to the machine's stitch assortment), and finally, a full box of additional bobbins.
The table that Kenny has been sitting on wasn't made for Kenmore machines, so he was never "bolted in". However, Miss Sadie is a perfect fit, so she'll be installed into that table, and Kenny will get a new-to-him table after we move him to the farmhouse. 

Both machines will be helpful when it comes to my bagmaking endeavors, so I want to make sure they're completely comfortable. Sadie will get a spa date in the near future, but for now, she'll just hang out with Destiny, Kenny, my little Janome, and me in the studio.


  1. Hello Sadie. I had one of these machines and it was wonderful. Your fleet of machines will be very happy sewing your amazing fabric creations dear. Happy Stitching Sadie...

  2. This is the machine I learned to sew on. I loved the automatic bobbin winder and wish the newer machines included this feature. My Mom got it just before I went into the 7th grade, 1967 I think. She is still sewing on it today. The last time she took it in for service, the guy told her he wouldn't be able to repair it again as he could no longer get parts for it. It has sewed hundreds of thousands of miles. All of our formal dresses for proms, Rainbow Girls, wedding dresses, school clothes and a ton of mending. I think this was one of the last "good" Singers. Now I wouldn't buy a Singer unless it was vintage. This photo brought back a lot of memories. I think you will get a lot of use out of this machine, I would love to run across one like this.


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