December 8, 2015

Sewing For The Shop...

Brynwood Needleworks - Project Pieces
All the fabric for Grammie's Jammies is headed to the washer. Remember, I always do the worst to it before I sew it up. Hot water. Hot dryer. Then, it will be pre-tested for colorfastness and will shrink up before I cut and sew.
Brynwood Needleworks - Project Pieces
While that's going on, I've got five wallets ready to assemble. Once they're put together, I'll list them in my Etsy shop...just in case someone needs a last minute gift.

Today is Nifty 50s, so I'll be meeting up with my friend, Jamie to make dolls to go with Marcy's forty dresses! Jamie offered to help make the dolls (she already did the faces for the doll heads) and I'm so grateful for the help.

All the supplies were packed in my Explorer last night and I'll head out first thing this morning. This afternoon, I'll be back home to work on the wallets. Busy days are the best days!

What are you up to this week? I'd love to know.

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Createology said...

Now that is very true..."Busy days are the Best days!" You are very busy with your many sewing projects. Thank you and Jaimy for sewing Dress a Girl Dolls. Wonderful Wednesday Dear...

mray said...

Thank you Donna & friend Jaimy for making little dolls for all those dresses!! Wonderful. How very sweet both of you are, and generous. Many hugs, Marcy


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