December 6, 2015

Decorating For The Holidays...

Brynwood Needleworks - Holiday Bedroom Decor
It's time to start decorating our home for Christmas. We began our holiday preparations on Thanksgiving, when we had our family photograph taken for our Christmas cards, but we don't like to start putting up Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving.

While Handsome and Bella were away for the weekend, Tag and I (well, not so much Tag) decided to start our trimming in the master bedroom.
Brynwood Needleworks - Holiday Bedroom Decor
I traded out the blue and white quilt that sits on the end of our bed with this red and white one. I put Christmas table runners on each of our side chests, but realized I need to make two nice, quilted ones in the near future. (Perhaps I'll get that done after I finish the homemade gifts on my list. I'll share the list this week, too.)
Brynwood Needleworks - Holiday Bedroom Decor
I found the wintery Airstream Christmas pillow over the summer and couldn't wait to use it. I had seen it on someone's decor post and managed to find one for sale on eBay. I think it was originally from Pottery Barn, but they haven't sold them for a long time, so I think I was fortunate to find it when and where I did.
Brynwood Needleworks - Holiday Bedroom Decor
I didn't want anything too flashy for our room. We sleep there, after all. I placed two crystal deer on one side chest (along with Hyram, our traveling gnome, who looks sooo festive!) and then festooned (great word, right?) white tulle across our headboard.

The tulle has sparkle gems randomly adhered to it, so they catch the light. In the center of the headboard, I used a "refashioned" jumbo gold paperclip to secure the center of the tulle. Then I hung two different pinecone ornaments from it. I also secured a little gingerbread pin that was made for me by Paulette of Beedeebabee (on Etsy). I used a wired ribbon on each bedpost to secure the ends. I may add our small Christmas tree to the seating area at the end of the room, but I haven't decided yet.

We will be going out shopping for a large tree to put in the main living area and I can't wait to pull out all our now "vintage" ornaments that have been stored nearly as long as we've lived here! And that's just the beginning. Seeing all the decorations on the different blogs (and FaceBook) has inspired me. You may have noticed that I've even decorated my blog header for the holidays!

I'll share more pictures as we get the decorations up during the week. Don't forget to come back for my list, too, so you can watch me countdown to my deadline!
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Mary Hutchins said...

Very pretty, simple, elegant and Christmassy!

Createology said...

Festooned is a very fun word and your Master Bedroom looks perfect. I like your personal touches that have such treasured memories. Now for your Open House and Holiday Home Sale!!!


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