December 9, 2012

More Album Blocks...

Georgia Block
Over the weekend, I received two emails sharing updates on the progress of the American Treasures Album Quilt blocks our guild is working on for the quilt show raffle quilt.

Kathy and Nora are nearly finished with the Georgia block, with just a bit more stitching to do. If you enlarge the image, you'll see a few pieces where the straight pins are holding a few elements in place. It won't be long now. Lookin' good, right?
New York Block
I also got a photo from Pat who is doing the stitching for the New York block. You can see that her leaves and snare drum are embroidered already. Another finish for our quilt! I love this block. Can you guess why?

The more I see of the finished blocks, the more I know that this is going to be one incredible piece of art when it's finished.

As soon as I finish my Christmas sewing (soon!), I'm going to do another block, too. I'll show you which one I pick as soon as my other tasks are accomplished.

For now, it's time for this ol' gal to f.o.c.u.s. You know how much I can do when I put my blinders on. Off to the races!!

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Createology said...

This quilt will be such a labor of love with stunning blocks. The ladies are doing wonderful stitching work. Yes, you will be creating at turbo pace dear...

DeeDee said...

Scrumptious... this will be a true treasure.. so lovely.

Michelle May said...

These are gorgeous!


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