December 4, 2012

Celebrating The Season...

I'm baaaack - and as of yesterday evening, I was still celebrating my Birthday. (I'm waiting one more day to tell you about it, though.) I've got a few great stories to tell you about it, but today, I want to tell you about our Disconnected Piecers Christmas Party last night.

We always have a gift exchange, so this year I decided to make a pincushion instead of buying something. Of course, I had no way of knowing who would get it, but I posted it on my Facebook page on Monday, and I knew who wanted it as soon as she saw it.

I had a quilt block that I decided to use, and then I pulled out some of my canvas scraps and quilted them using cotton batting and muslin prior to sewing them together. I was going to be stuffing it with crushed walnut shells, so I needed extra layers to keep the shells from leaking through the cushion. I added a length of Moda twill tape that I always save from my jelly roll purchases and then sewed three vintage shell buttons to finish it.
Our Christmas party was held at the Port Charlotte Golf and Country Club and we all gathered at 6 pm for dinner and dessert.

I'd like to introduce you to my friends, Kathy and Nora. They're the owners of Sandy's Quilt Shop and I consider them dear friends. I love these two women!
Our guild vice-president, Pat was missing in this shot of our table, but I managed to pin her down at another table for her photograph. l-r: Barb and her husband, Holly, Pat's husband, Kathy and Nora. We had a great time together.
I'm the guild secretary and have come to know Barb better over our Board meetings, but I also owe her a huge debt of gratitude.

Barb was the first to finish a block for our guild quilt project...which inspired others to work toward completion of theirs (including me!). She does beautiful work, and has taken on a second block for our quilt in the past month. Thank you so much, Barb!
I walked my way around our entire dining room and took pictures of each table. I think I managed to capture everyone who attended. (That's our guild president, Peg on the left)
Table Three, smiling for the camera. If you turn your attention to the first woman on the right, that's Janet. We co-chaired the "At The Movies" guild challenge. When I was busy with the applique' quilt, Janet cheerfully took the reigns and made sure our challenge went smoothly. Thanks, Janet! You're the best and I hope to work with you again in the future.
Table Four. I think these ladies were having way too much fun. I interrupted them just long enough to take a picture and they were back to enjoying their evening.
Table Five. l-r: Jettie saw my pincushion on Facebook and wrote "I want it!". We giggled when she took it home at the end of the evening! Thanks for loving my work, Jet. Next to her is Paula. She earned a second place ribbon in our "At The Movies" challenge with her Steel Magnolias quilt. (It was stunning!). That's our v-p, Pat sitting next to her; and accomplished and prolific quilter, Pauline next to her. I'm sorry that I don't know the last lady's name at that table, but you can be sure I'll go find out!
Table Six. They were so deep in conversation that I didn't want to interrupt. That's Myrna on the left. I knew her from my days knitting for the Project Linus group before I came to the guild. This was taken just before the gift exchange.
I think this photo is a perfect example of the time we had together. So many sweet and talented women who are my inspiration to be a better quilter. I've already learned so much.
All these images were shot with my iPhone, and I think it works pretty well...unless I'm giggling right along with the subjects of my photos. Karen (in the center) won our guild challenge with her Charlotte's Web entry. She and Jettie were the first people to invite me to join the guild over a year ago. (They're regular Pied Pipers, they are, sharing their love of quilting and sponsoring many women into our guild.) Susan is waving at me. She did the incredible custom quilting job on my Martinique Scrappy Plates quilt. She's also the chairman of our 2014 Quilt Show. I'm sure you'll see more pictures of her in the future.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end of this post...especially if you're not one of our guild members. I was just so darn anxious to have you meet a major part of my Circle of Influence. These are one fine collection of talented, generous, beautiful and kind women and I'm honored to be counted in their number. It's seems a fitting start to celebrating this Christmas season.

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Buttons said...

Oh, thank YOU for sharing. I felt like I was there enjoying the holiday spirit!

Createology said...

Such a lovely guild group. I can see how there is so much inspiration and enjoyment within this group. Your pincushion is lovely and I did see it on your FB post. Thank you for the tip of using crushed walnut shells. I will need to try this. Holiday Bliss...

Minimiss said...

And a good night was had by all by the looks of it. Nothing like getting together with like-minded people.

Charlie and Wendy said...

The pincushion you made is gorgeous. How lovely to be part of a group of like-minded women!


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