December 18, 2012

I've Been Blinged...

 My friend, Shelly from Bungalow Bling and I decided to do a swap
just between the two of us. I have loved her dreamy creations for a
long time, and she said she'd like to have one of my custom pincushions.
 Her gifts have arrived already!!
I was over the moon when I saw what she created for me.

 I love everything!!
A sweet little pine cone angel will be a wonderful addition
to our holiday tree, but will also grace the studio throughout the year.
 Shelly created my own little musical, sparkly Frosty!
Look at his adorable top hat. Isn't he just the most charming little guy?
 It most certainly is (the season)!
A musical dove with gold glitter trim. sigh
 When I opened the box, I found a glittery, shiny star.
A truly enchanted star to sparkle for my little snowman.

I neglected to mention it, but if you look closely at the first photograph,
you'll see a tiny clip sitting next to my snowman. It has a handmade
rosette on the clip and I can use it for many things...holding paper,
marking a favorite passage in a book, or even to adorn my (really short) hair!

Dearest friend, Shelly: I can't begin to tell you how much I love my gifts.
My snowman needs a name, so I'm going to call him "Sparkle" for all the
twinkle and light he brings into my studio. His name and his image will
forever be a reminder of your generous spirit and our friendship.
Thank you, sweet girl. Thanks and thanks again.

Now, Shelly and the rest of you may wonder about what I'm creating for
my part of our exchange. I'll just tell you that each image above contains a
clue to what her gift will look like. Soon, I'll be back to show you what I'll be
sending to the great state of Washington as my swap gift to the "Queen of Bling".
Oh, and be sure to visit Shelly's blog to see her other beautiful, fairytale creations!

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DeeDee said...

He is precious.. I too received a gift from Shell.. I won her giveaway and my little guy is as sweet as yours... This is a happy swap... :D

Chris said...

What lovely exchange!
Merry Christmas!

Createology said...

Sweet little gifts from your very creative blog friend. You have definitely been blinged! I look forward to seeing your swap gift in return. I am picturing you as the busy stitching elf in your lovely studio creating away. Holiday Bliss Dear...


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