December 6, 2012

It Started With Cake...

My Sweet Chocolate with ButterCreme Birthday Cake!!!
Just when you think your life can't possibly get any better, 
along comes a Birthday...complete with family and friends 
to show you just how loved and special they think you are.

I'm warning you right now...I took pictures of almost everything!
From our granddaughters. Handcrafted goodness!
My first package arrived on Monday of last week. Handsome said, "It's not your
Birthday yet." To which I giggled and replied, "It is now!" 
as I opened the gifts from our granddaughters.

 I opened the wrapping to uncover a sweet, little wooden purse that reminded me of
the style of Queen Elizabeth II. The girls had embellished it with corgis and beads...
and Birthday glitter!
When I opened the box, I found a little fabric pouch.
Inside were two real acorns with faces and smiles, a tiny beaded pin,
and a bead that Granddaughter #2 had created that she called her
"Erf" button. See the oceans and the land? Yup. Erf!
From my friends, Kathy, Nora, Brenda, Flo, Fay, and Joni
When I got to our coffee group on Saturday morning, 
I was greeted by Kathy, Nora, Joni and Flo.
They had gifts and treats! 
(Remind me to get the recipe for Joni's Brownie Cheesecake. It was awesome!)

When each of our group celebrates a Birthday, we create a quilt which holds
meaning for each recipient. Each person does a different part of the quilt so it's
a group effort. The girls made one for me this month and I can't tell you how much
I love it.
It has a December theme with Christmas trees in the corners, a wreath above the 
roaring fire, a mittened-Sunbonnet Sue (who is in every quilt in our group) and
 a corgi reclining on the rug in front of the fire!
It's simply perfect for me...and of course, they knew it would be!
Joni made a Candle Cradle for my new candle
 Joni created a Candle Cradle for my new Yankee candle to sit upon. 
She picked a perfect fragrance for the candle, too.
Brenda's Handmade Fabric Card
Brenda makes the sweetest fabric cards, too...
Inside Brenda's card
 and if you know me and have heard the story, you'll laugh when
you see the inside of this card! We all roared when I opened it.
Acorn ornaments from Denise in Vermont
When our mail arrived on Saturday, not only were there cards from 
our sons and their families, but a package from my sweet friend, Denise in Vermont. 
Inside were these felted acorn ornaments to hang on our tree.

A Kit from Shell at The Raspberry Rabbits
 I've had my eye on this kit since Shell first debuted it on her blog.
When I opened the package from her, there was the entire kit inside!
I danced a happy dance, because everyone knows you're not
supposed to cry on your Extended Birthday!
A gorgeous bracelet from Sherry at Createology
There was one more package on Saturday from my dear friend, Sherry at Createology
As if her friendship and uplifting notes to me weren't enough of a gift, she found
a quartz bracelet (with an acorn) that she felt had to belong to me! What a generous gift!
Flowers from my BFF, Lee
Around mid-morning on the Big Day (my actual Birthdate), the doorbell rang.
Tag ran barking to the front entry, and when I got there the poor delivery woman
was running away from the front door...until she saw "Killer". She started to laugh.
She said, "When I heard the barking, I thought you had a much bigger dog!"
We shared a laugh and Tag was friendly all over her as I signed for this arrangement.
It was a beautiful greeting (with a loving note) from my Best Friend Forever, Lee.
She never forgets. (((hug)))
My Beautiful Dreamer
 Handsome gave me something I had my heart set on from the moment I first saw it.
When he, our friend Richard and I went to Sarasota two years ago in search of
the perfect salvaged item to turn into a kitchen light fixture, I saw this sweet face.

I never said anything about it then, but whenever I'd go exploring the salvage yard's 
website, I'd wish for her again. About four months ago, I sent a link to Handsome's
email inbox with a hint that he might like an idea for my Birthday gift this year.

When he took me out to the back of his truck. There was something wrapped in 
big, fluffy towels (his protective wrapping 'paper'). He said I should 
unwrap it where it sat because it was a "little heavy". I had no idea what I might find.
I actually squealed with delight when I saw it!

Handsome thought we might decide where she should go before lifting her.
She's made of cement, so she's pretty heavy. I was concerned about protecting 
the patina, so we decided against having her out by the pool 
(as I'd originally considered).
My Beautiful Dreamer from Handsome
Rather, we decided that she would be perfect on the built-in bookshelves 
in our living room. These shelves are right next to the hallway to the studio,
so every single time I head back to play, I pass her and look at her peaceful face.

After she was settled in, Tag seemed quite curious about her, too.
Being the good blogger that I am, I caught a picture to share with you!
Wonderful gifts from Marydon at The Blushing Rose
 Even though it's already Thursday, I've managed to extend my celebration 
long past the actual day. Thanks to the gifts that arrived from Marydon, the
festivities have managed to stretch through Wednesday when the mail arrived.

Marydon sent a feed sack kitchen towel to which she'd machine embroidered
a corgi (beautiful, at that!) and two that's embroidered in a favorite
blue, and the other is a sweet, little quilting angel ornament which will be
treasured for years to come.

I also stopped to see the Panera's group before coming home from the guild
Christmas party. All of them had signed a card for me, and they gave me a 
box of malted milk balls (a personal favorite!) You weren't expecting a picture,
were you? I started eating them that night!
Thank you to Tammy, Margaret, Adele, Krisann and the 
rest of my Panera's friends who signed the card to me.
You're a treasured part of my life.

If you've read this far, (and you're like Shell) you're already saying, 
"Wow. What a spoiled brat!"
Truth is, I've always considered myself "well-loved" by my husband, 
our sons and their families. Spoiled connotes a level of "expectation".
I sometimes joke about that, but I really never take anything for granted.

Our granddaughters called and sang Happy Birthday to me (cha cha cha) and then
we talked about how they're prepariations for Christmas...and a mid-winter trip
to visit Grandma and Grandpa. (We can't wait!) They giggled when I told them
I was delighted with their artwork and that I'd treasure my gifts from them forever.

Our grandson called to wish me a Happy Birthday, and I spent a little time teaching
him the concept of the Extended Birthday. It was another gift to hear his laughter
as I promised to teach him the finer points in years to come so that 
when he's an adult, he'll be a Master of the Extended Birthday, too!

Thank you to all of you who wished me Happy Birthday in your comments, 
sent cards or gifts.
Thanks to Sherry, Denise, Marydon, Shell, Lee, 
the girls from our coffee group and my dear family.

In a world with so much "ugly", you help make my little corner of it a beautiful place.
I'm forever grateful to each and every one of you.

11 friends clicked here to leave a note for me:

Chris said...

What an absolutely fabulous birthday! You are blessed with wonderful family and friends!!

Shirley said...

Hi Donna, Wow, you had a wonderful extended birthday. Your presents were awesome. The birthday cake looked so yummy. I enjoyed your sharing with us. Have a wonderful day and do you think you could stretch your birthday a little further. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

Minimiss said...

Wow, what a day ...... erm week. You so deserve some spoiling. xx

Createology said...

Extended Birthday Wishes Dear Donna. Each year we get to extend our celebrations further and further. Your gifts are lovely and show how much your family and friends adore you. Let them eat cake...

Buttons said...

I love, love, love your beautiful dreamer. I can see why she is so special....she "spoke to you". Looks like she is very content there and so nice that handsome found that it was still where you saw it, just waiting for him to surprise you. (*_*)
PS. You are most welcome. I had fun finding those.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

You're not spoiled, you're loved, Donna; good for you to count your blessings. Don't listen to the naysayers...they either don't know or are jealous, perhaps both. You and Handsome celebrate each other; it's a frosty world, cling to each other for love and warmth.
Happy Birthday!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

You are very loved, Donna...that is clear to see. Hope it was wonderful!

Karen Gass said...

Donna, you had a wonderful birthday!!! You have awesome friends :) Happy Birthday!!!

Michelle May said...

You know what I'm gonna say..... SPOILED!! hee,hee,hee.
Love ya bunches!! You deserve the bestest birthday girlfriend. Oh, I sent you an ecard. Not sure if you found it yet.

Raewyn said...

You know what they say - what goes around, comes around :-) ! It's so nice you had such a special birthday. May the rest of your year be as happy.

Charlie and Wendy said...

Wishing you a belated happy birthday. I have been catching up with your celebrations, it looks like you have had a fabulous time and received lovely gifts. Your new statue is beautiful and looks perfect on your bookshelf, hugs Wendy xx


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