December 11, 2012

Here Comes The Bride...

This is my younger sister, Diana.
She's eleven years younger than I am, and the one that most
 resembled me growing up. It's more than just a physical resemblance.
She loves the outdoors, just like her big sister.
She loves to cook and we share many recipes together.
We love doing things with and for our families.
We're both fiercely loyal and we're both strong women
who ably take care of ourselves and our loved ones.
 It's been fun watching her grow up and have some small
influence on the wonderful woman she's become.

I had so much fun spending time with her when she was a kidlet.
This photo was from a day trip to the Milwaukee (WI) County Zoo
we'd gone on with our younger siblings.
We also welcomed many family babies together.
This is our niece, Jennifer as a baby...our first niece.
(Remember my posts about making Jenni's wedding gown
and then her own child's Christening gown? Time flies!)
Diana and I are both grandmas now...We each have three grandchildren
and we're proud of our kids (who aren't really kids anymore!).
Funny how the years between us blur as we age mature.

We've marked so many life landmarks together...
I was her Matron of Honor when she was married so many years ago,
and I was in the delivery room when her daughter, Stephanie was born.
Stephanie's son is the same age as our grandson, and Diana's son,
Daniel is raising two young sons of his own. 
I've always enjoy our family visits when we travel north, and
Di and I have shared laughter, tears and so many, many memories.

Today, I'm writing about her because I want to celebrate another milestone in her life.
Although I can't be physically with her today, my little sister is getting married.

Twenty plus years after her first marriage transformed from
a divorce into a friendship with her children's father,
she has found love again with someone new.

She and Tom found a home with each other. 
Today, 12/12/12, they will make their love and commitment official.
lisianthus bouquet
Diana told me that she is carrying a cascading bouquet of 
lisianthus in her favorite shades of purple and lavender.

I know that I'll have wedding photos to share with you soon enough, but
for today, I want to let them know how happy I am for both of them.

Congratulations, Diana and Tom.
This evening you will celebrate the beginning of your life together as
Mr. and Mrs.
Here's to wishing you a lifetime of new memories and joy.
May you love each other forever, and may you always find delight in each other.

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Sharon said...

What a sweet post, Donna! I loved it.

I'm having lunch at C. House today and will think of you as I eat my flat biscuits.

Createology said...

Wedded Bliss to your sister and her new beginnings. This is a lovely post of true sibling friendship and love. Many years of togetherness...

Sherri said...

Congratulations to your sister! Sorry you can't physically be there with her but spiritually you are!!!

Terri Sue said...

What a wonderful post. How nice to have a sister to share with. I wish you could have been there. Can you tell I have insomnia tonight?


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