December 21, 2012

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen...

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I didn't spend any time in the studio yesterday, but I sure 
got a lot accomplished! It was a day devoted to cleaning.

I vacuumed, dusted, scrubbed floors, cleaned bathrooms...
all those things that are part of my homekeeping duties.
These are things I actually love to do and there is always
a feeling of satisfaction when our home it "back to normal".

When I move into high gear in the studio, homekeeping takes a back seat.
Now I'm all caught up and ready to enjoy the holidays with Handsome.

I still have a few projects I'm working on, but there's no pressure.
I'll finish them next week, which will be soon enough.

I'm also going to be busy cleaning out cabinets and purging more of 
the clutter that seems to overtake me from time to time. I'll share 
pictures of the "good stuff" that I'll be listing up on eBay, Etsy 
or in my Brynwood Boutique. 

But for today...I rest.

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Createology said...

A very well earned rest my dear. All things Merry and Bright for you, your home and family. Merry Christmas...

DeeDee said...

Merry Christmas Donna... I wish I had your energy... the holidays bring down a few notches it seems... Big hugs.. enjoy the season

Cheryl said...

Dear Donna, I sure needed this post to get me moving ~ I still have another gift to make, but the mess I have made is making me a bit Dizzy! I think I shall get out the cleaning supplies and do a bit, then I will try to localize the crafting mess to just a small corner! Much easier to deal with....
Wish You & Hubby a Merry Christmas


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