May 23, 2012

Window Shopping...

I managed to take a little time to visit my favorite antique mall recently, and thanks to the modern miracle of the "camera phone" (my trusty iPhone), I'm able to share some of my favorites with you.

These are the sorts of things that never fail to catch my eye. Colorful, hand-crocheted potholders and table runners. Then there are the knitted slippers on the second shelf of this rack. Imagine the hours of blissful creating spent on all of these items.
I thought this satin wedding dress was pretty as I imagined the young woman who must have worn it on her special day. I wondered why she hadn't kept it to pass down to another young woman in her family...perhaps her daughter? It was lovely.

I know many bloggers who would have snatched up these suitcases to stack with others to create a side table in a bedroom or living room. These were in great condition!

I might take some measurements and go back and check out the prices. Remember, Sofie still needs a case since the tooled leather one I used last summer fell apart. The one front and center above might just work!

Yo yos always make me smile. 
These were joined to create a sweet pillow cover.

Stunning silk ribbon embroidery on a velvet background makes for not one, but two gorgeous pillows.

If the velvet had been a shade of steel blue rather than peach, this pair would have gone home with me. Just look at the detail!
This party dress was part of a booth that was artfully arranged with items of clothing, jewelry and handbags. All were meant to be used for festive occasions, and more than a few items were begging to jump into my basket.

I had the needlepointed footstool in my hands for quite a while before I set it back down and walked away. I loved it, but thought it too pricey for my taste.

I couldn't walk past this array of 18" fashion dolls (including more than a few Barbie™ dolls) without taking a picture to share with Twyla's daughter, Lindsey. She is a hard-core collector of all things Barbie™, and trust me. Her collection is truly impressive. She has every single piece of Mattel's most beloved set of dolls and attendant paraphernalia ever made. She has all the pieces I had as a long gone.
This display of hats made me smile. It took me back to my childhood when my sister, Mum and I would shop for that special outfit for Easter. It usually included a new dress and coat, gloves and little handbag and a hat. I stood and examined these hats for quite a while. I love hats, but don't often wear them in Florida. Can't you just imagine this whole display in a corner of your bedroom? Swoony!

I behaved. I only purchased what I had in mind when I went into the mall. A whole, four dollar purchase. Aren't you proud of me? I may yet go back for that suitcase...if the size is right and the price isn't crazy expensive.

So. When you go to your favorite antique store or mall, what catches your eye? What to you always seem to gravitate to and what always begs to go home with you? I'd love to know.
Can you believe it's nearly time for another stroll through my favorite remembrances? Monday, May 29th is my next installment. Memorial Day Monday.

If you're interested in joining with a story of your own, you might want to write it before the holiday weekend takes hold of your time. I'll put my post up on Sunday and add the linky so you can add your blog to the list. I'll also leave that link open for a week, so you can join after the weekend if you'd like.

If you're on your way out to do something special for the holiday weekend that heralds the start of summer, have a great time. We'll catch up when you get back!

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Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

YES the little footstool you carried around WOULD have caught my eye too! I have quite a few AND love them all. I LOVED those ribbon embroidered pillows too...AND...the suitcases. Barbie wasn't a part of my childhood, "TAMMY was". Mom liked her better AND I did too. I still have HER and her trunk with all her things in it. Mom used to make me clothes for her too. LOVED THAT!
Yes, I ponder over the hats too. MEMORIES(same as yours). I have purchased a few over the years, BUT I never wear hats. I just like them!
Thank you for taking us e-window shopping, that was SUCH FUN!
Have a fun week,

laurajane said...

I love china jugs,but the ribbon embroidery was very pretty,havnt done any of that in ages.
Do you find that sometimes you forget just what you can do.
Glad you had a lovely time browsing .
Laura xx
Ps Lilly sends Tag a Woof,xx

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Crochet pot holders, especially dresses, always catch my eye! I love strolling thru and just seeing the wonders to behold!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

What fun! You better get back over there and get that suitcase before it's gone! Twyla

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

I so loved everything you photographed!!

Buttons said...

Oh Girl...I think you and I were in an Antique Mall at the same time. On Sunday, on my way home from the airport visiting my mom in Boston, I stopped by Quechee Village, Quechee, VT. If you ever come to Vermont or NH, you must stop by. I have not been there in literally years but since I was so close by I just had to stop. They have expanded and have sooo many things to browse and drool over!And...on Sundays, they now have a farmers market and flea market. Well, I can tell you it was a gorgeous, sunny 80' plus weather day and I spent most of the time outside at 2 vendors who have booths inside. Of course, they were jewelry and linens, my 2 absolute favorites. My linen purchase was a vintage 1979 calendar towel for the new motorhome $2 and crisply pressed. And $26 on several peices of vintage jewelry that caught my eye. A ring, pins, necklaces, bracelets, pearls, earrings, a piece of bakelite advertising on a chain with some old keys, even a piece of Hawaiiana- a "Goddess of love" keychain made out of lava rock. Complete with the cardboard packaging it was sold with. Since I was getting short on time, I ducked inside from the heat and checked out my friends vintage linen and silver display and then headed home. No money spent inside but a quick trip down memory lane.

Createology said...

Oh this makes me want to go exploring my local and not so local antique mall. I love to see the things I grew up with or had collected only to pass along as the years go by. I am drawn to EVERYTHING! No focus from me when I am in a place with so much to see. Everything you shared is fabulous. I hope you are able to get that suitcase for Sofie to keep her safe and portable. It looks perfect for decoupage also...maybe some pattern tissue and sewing envelope images? Great fun strolling with you dear...

Queenie Believe said...

Such beautiful treasure, wow!! I don't know if I would be able to pass by the embroidered pillow with out them coming home with me. Beautiful!
I just ran across a pattern for a yoyo covered bedspread quilt. It totally makes me smile. I have added to my infintely long dream to-do list :o)
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Minimiss said...

I love looking in the antique and second-hand shops when we go away. You never know what you might find in some little town. I always gravitate towards the needlework and feel a little sad that someone's family possibly didn't appreciate the time and love which had gone into making the pieces and were just happy to get rid of them. I don't think I could part with anything my Grandmother or Mother had made. I also love the jewellery - lots of interesting treasures there.

I hope you're able to find a suitable case for Sofie.

Sherri said...

Donna, I love window shopping! You had some really beautiful things to look at. I love, love that velvet pillow with the beautiful embroidery on it. Just gorgeous! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend my friend!

ShirleyC said...

My favorite is those pillows with the detail work. I know this was a fun adventure!


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