May 3, 2012

A Play Day...

I had a wonderfully busy day yesterday, but didn't get a single stitch accomplished in any of those hours.

Instead of playing in the studio, I went to Sarasota and ticked a few items off my "To Do" list. Among the plans I made, I had lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in nearly a year. We went to Corkscrew Deli at The Landings and spend nearly two hours catching up. It was great!

When I returned home, Handsome and I completed preparations for a dinner party we'd planned. Two couples joined us for a few hours. They are all dear friends with music in common. We had a delightful evening, and we're so glad they could take time from their busy schedules to share a meal. With the exception of the white chocolate-stuffed fresh raspberries that I forgot to bring out to garnish our dessert, the evening went off without a single hitch. I guess Handsome and I will just have to enjoy those raspberries ourselves (oh, darn!).

I love all the bustle involved with planning a nice evening with friends. We really have to try to do that more often.

I did manage to work  a little on my design for our Sandy's QAL for July. (I'm responsible for designing mini quilts two months.) I have the concept now, so the quilt will come quickly from here. That's right. You'll have to wait to see the finished block until July, but no fear. I'll have more to show you of other projects in the meantime.

I'm going to try to finish the mini quilt today because it's time to get back to those Farmer's Wives blocks. I'll be revealing May's blocks tomorrow and I still have April blocks to complete!  I'd better get crackin'.

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laurajane said...

Sounds like you had a great day Donna ,and lovely spending quality time with friends. where did you get that flowery cutter,can't get gems like that in England.
Xxx Laura and Lilly

Createology said...

Your day was the best kind...time spent with friends and enjoying life. Your July quilt looks very patriotic. Since this is May the wedding must be coming up soon and therefore the Peacock quilt reveal. Simply sewing bliss...

Nezzy said...

Oh Miss Donna, that little red, white and blue number is gonna be magnificent!!!

Ya sound live you've been one busy gal. I do so love to entertain too but have trouble corrallin' Farm Boy to do as much as I'd like.

God bless ya sweetie and have yourself a magnificent weekend!!! :o)

Queenie Believe said...

Believe me I know eating the white chocolate-stuffed fresh raspberries is a sacrifice but someone has to do it. I know you and Sir Handsome are up to the challange. God's Speed :o)
Have a wonderful weekend.
Always, Queenie

Terri Sue said...

such a shame about those raspberries! did you stuff them with the chocolate? that sounds difficult and tedious.

Minimiss said...

Nothing better than a relaxed dinner with friends. I had stumbled across the raspberry idea on Pinterest and thought they looked pretty good. Will definitely have to try them next summer.


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