May 29, 2012

Meet Nelson...

Yesterday was a day I'd been looking forward to for months. Handsome and I got to spend the evening with our dear friends, Mary (who was my Maid-of-Honor twenty eight years ago) and her husband, Jim. We also knew we'd see their daughter, Beth and the newest member of their family, Nelson.

Mary, Jim and Beth met Tag when we saw them last summer and invited him to come along for our visit. When he and Nelson saw each other the chaos began. Nelson is only ten weeks old, but he was all Tag could handle, jumping all over him and equal to whatever Tag was dishing out.

We stood outside with them for about ten minutes before Handsome said he'd had enough of all that nonsense. Dogs to separate corners and we spent the rest of the evening catching up with friends we see all too seldom.

Tag will share more photos about his new friend next week, but I didn't want to let this day pass without sharing a photo of my dear friend, Mary and Tag's new friend, Nelson. It was a wonderful evening, indeed.

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Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

TOO CUTE! Both of them!!! I'm looking forward to Tag telling us HIS STORY and MORE PICTURES!
Big Hugs,

Supergoof said...

Hi Nelson!
You are cute!
My Irish Wolfshound, Bregje thinks that too,...

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I love watching dogs frolic. That Handsome is a party pooper!
xx, Carol

Michelle May said...


Sherri said...

Nelson is so darn cute!!! You just want to hug him!!!

Createology said...

Visiting with friends and enjoying catching up is wonderful. I look forward to Tag's version of frolicking with Nelson. Lovely photo of such happy faces.

Queenie Believe said...

Spending time with old and cherished friends is wonderful, enjoy!
Nelson is such a cutie-pie! Labs can be such love muffins once they get past the chew everything in reach stage... Honey Man tells me that when our black lab Callie was in the chewing stage he went to work one morning and came home that evening to half a full sized couch chewed and strewn about the room. Needless to say when Queenie entered their world the pack leader had arrived and chewing was discouraged along with jumping up on folks, stuff like that... -lol- Alas, I still don't dare have any throw rugs about the house.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie


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