December 27, 2011

One For Me, One For Tag...

I was so tickled to find that I'd won the drawing that Anne hosted on her blog, Fiona & Twig. I just love Anne, and have watched over the past year or so as she's found her true calling. Her photography is stunning, and she has an eye for finding the most wonderful ways to capture the world around her!

She was offering a "Dreaming of Junking" 2012 Calendar (with her work on the cover and inside!), and a new copy of Artful Blogging (which features an article she wrote, along with more of her own photography). I was surprised (and veeery happy) when she contacted me to let me know I'd won!! This is her original giveaway post.

I pored over the calendar, and am going back to the magazine time and again to soak in every gorgeous page. Thank you, Anne for picking me. I'm so grateful, and consider myself extra fortunate to be able to call you "friend".
On another note...I did what I said I was going to do yesterday. I baked Corgi biscuits to take to Tag today! I cut out corgi shapes, and baked every little leftover piece to make as many treats as possible!

We'll be on our way around ten this morning, and our appointment is to meet Mike and Tag at the Ranch at 1 pm. We'll probably be there early. (Ya think?)
In case you missed the link for the dog biscuit recipe, here it is one more time. (They're called "Boomer and LuLu's Peanut Butter Crunch Biscuits". Boomer and LuLu were featured on The Daily Corgi blog when they shared their recipe.) Everything is safe and good for dogs, and because I made them myself, I know exactly what's in them. I admit we tasted them, too. Handsome said they "stuck to the roof of his mouth". (giggling here) Granted we only tasted a corner of one.

I'm sure that Tag is going to love them, and it will be up to him whether or not he wants to share them with his friends. I'm sure that little minx, Ike (his roomie) will get at least one!

You're going to have to wait til Tuesday to see pictures and a video of The Boy, but I'll get my "Tag fix" very soon! I've gotta run. Time to turn toward Okeechobee.


  1. I love the "corgi" cookies. I can just see Tag sharing one with his little kennel mate.

  2. I'm sure Tag will love his cookies, but he will love seeing you again even more!!! :)

  3. The cookies are too cool. Have a good trip and a great visit.

  4. I don't know about the sharing part if Tag is anything like my Lil' Miss Libby that won't be happening anytime soon! lol

  5. Lucky you Donna and congratulations!
    Oh and hug that precious Tag for me, I can hardly wait to see pics of him. Travel safe and happy Donna!
    Tina xo

  6. Happy New Year and a belated Merry Christmas...Over the last year or so I have read and loved your Corgi posts...I am looking forward to seeing what comes next...Hugs Susan

  7. Those cookies look so adorable! I hope you have a wonderful visit with Tag and can't wait to hear all about how he is doing at camp - you're such a brave Momma for letting him go for so long!

  8. Have big fun with your little fur boy.
    Always, Queenie

  9. Donna, how adorable...corgie treats!


    Happy New Year!

  10. Thanks, Donna. I wrote the recipe down last night. I love the shape
    you made the cookies in for Tag.
    I hope you had a good visit with

  11. Congrats on your win, Donna! Thanks for sharing the links to the recipe and the cookie cutter. Sophie and Henry will get some when my nieces get here. It will be a fun project for us to do during their visit.
    You enjoy those peanut butter kisses! Taggie is in for a treat. Let us know if he shares with Ike. ;)


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