December 29, 2011

Looking Back on 2011...

As I reflect on 2011, I look back upon a year filled with joy, sadness, anticipation, fun and new experiences.

I promise not to dwell on the moments of great sadness, but I can't close out this year without remembering the beautiful lives of my Labrador, Kes - and my first Corgi, Fezzik Inconceivable. They filled our days with unconditional love and laughter.

Both left me this year. I miss them every day, and will never forget the lights they brought into our lives.
We had the adventure of our lives when Handsome, Kes and I embarked on a four month trip last summer. We packed our essentials along with too many extras into our Airstream and set off on our travels.

Together, we covered nearly 11,000 miles, 13 states, enjoyed friends and family, and were a part of some incredible music performances. We learned that we can live happily together in a small space, and that less "stuff" is actually liberating. We're already planning our next big destination!
Brynwood's Taggart (aka Tag) joined our adventure mid-trip (July 4th) and he immediately fit right in. He was a natural for traveling, and did his best to make friends with Kes.  We're so glad that he's a part of our family now,  and we're looking forward to spending many more years with him. Even now, he considers the Flying Cloud his home, and he gets quite animated when he realizes we're going out to spend a little time there.

Although Kes didn't return home with us, she'll always be with us in spirit. I miss her silly ways, and her ability to teach the puppies by example.
I also had fun creating beautiful things in 2011. If you click here, you can see my 2011 Completed Projects Flickr album.

I want to thank all of you for the comments, love and support you've given me. You help lift me during the most difficult days, and made them more bearable. You shared all the good times with me, too. You may never know the true effect that blogging has had on me. What started as a little personal diary, grew into new and wonderful friendship and a celebration of my creative and personal life. Thank you for being a part of this adventure.


  1. Donna, last week some time, I spent an hour going back thru your posts to see what had happened to Kes, I was so saddened to see she had passed. I was so glad you had Tag there to help ease the pain. much love for the New Year, xoxo

  2. Thanks for sharing your year with us. I am sure you will never forget Kes and Fez, pets thouch our lives in a big way. I shall look forward to hearing of your adventures and viewing your projects in 2012. Have a good new year Sue x

  3. Donna,

    Your year was exactly as described. I so enjoy your blog and your joy in life. I wish you and Steve and Tag the happiest of New Years and we will get together soon!


  4. Hi Donna...I may be kinda quiet in the comment section but I have truly enjoyed keeping up with your blog...reading about your adventures, projects and pet escapades...Happy New Year! Hugs Susan

  5. Donna, you have had an incredible year! Good luck for 2012! I am glad Tag is a part of your family and I was saddened by the loss of both Kes and Fezzik also. Have a wonderful New Year!!

  6. Donna, thank you for sharing your days with us. I cannot imagine not visiting you and sharing in your highs and lows. You inspire me with your grace. Twyla

  7. Hi Donna, Like you, I will never forget my two dogs that have gone to doggie heaven, and I get happiness each day from my little Honey. I can't imagine life without a pet to love and be loved in return.
    We are so lucky to have had our pets in our lives, no matter how briefly, and we will always have our special memories of them.
    I guess sweet little Tag will be back home soon?
    Have a wonderful 2012, hugs, Sandy. :)

  8. Here's to the wonderful adventures to come in 2012.
    Happy New Year,
    Always, Queenie

  9. I never miss one of your posts Donna, even if I don't often comment. Be assured that you make many people in Blogland feel special by you sharing your thoughts and creations with us. May 2012 be good to you and your family and bring you everything you hope for and more.

  10. A year of mixed emotions and ups and downs for sure. Glad to call you my friend and for my visits here.

  11. Dear Donna

    I just wanted to wish you the Happiest of New Years!

    I am so sad to learn that you also lost Kes this year. I do want you to know that your dogs always bring such a smile to my face on my visits to your beautiful blog!


  12. Hi Donna, Happy New Year and a belated Happy Anniversary to you and Handsome. I have enjoyed visiting you and reading your blog. I may not always get to leave you a comment, but I come by each day. I always enjoy your post from your 4 legged Tag. They are so cute. We will have a quiet evening at home as Hubby got sick with a bad cold or I call it the crap. We Made it through Christmas. Have a Happy New Year. Will see you in 2012. Hugs from Your Missouri Friend.

  13. Hi Donna,
    I don't spend much time blogging, and just realized Tag is not Fez - and I too spent the time searching your posts for the rest of the story. I am so sorry. You lost 2 best friends this year. Makes me cry, loosing our furry friends is so difficult. It took 3 Jack Russell's to replace my Blue a few years back ....and I still don't have a real ball chaser. Love them all.
    Prayers for a wonderful new years. I like hearing the fun exciting things that Tag is doing!
    XO, Cat

  14. I know there was much sadness this year, but I am hopeful that the New Year will bring much happiness and joy. And I know sweet Tag will be a big part of it!


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