December 21, 2011

A Corgi Ornament...

I received a Christmas package from my blog bestie, Shell at The Raspberry Rabbits. It came as a surprise, and when I opened the package I actually started to cry!

Staring up at me was this gorgeous, glass corgi to hang on my tree, and then reside year-round in the studio.
I mean...Look at this face!!
Shell included one of her annual handcrafted cards (I smile when I get those bunnies each year!), and to keep my corgi ornament safe, she also sent along a soft, felted wool acorn ornament.

How good was I this past year to have received these special gifts from my beautiful friend? I know my corgi friends are all going to want one, but this one is mine and I'll treasure it forever.

Thank you, dear Shell. You really hit the mark on the head when you chose my gifts this year. Sending long distance hugs filled with gratitude for you!


  1. Super darling, Donna!!! I had no idea one could even find a Corgi ornament!! Thats how much I know!! Good job, Shell!! Kris

  2. That is a very awesome gift and I know how much you appreciate it. I got one last year from a friend that had a black Lab and abrown Lab but wasn't glass...the bottom was flat and she wrote "Maggie " and "Calli" on the bottom and the date..I love it anf we didn't put a big tree up this year and hung garland around the archway and doorways and hung ornaments on it and of course that ornie is there. I think I may do like you are and not pack it away this year and display it somewhere. We have lights outside and will hang a few strings with Garland for when Nellie comes home. Merry Christmas my dear friend to you and Handsome and of course Tag :)

  3. You are so right, Donna! That is the most gorgeous gift! Shell is a lovely friend and we are all quite envious!!!

  4. That ornament is truly special & so beautiful. Shell is such a sweetie! Merry Christmas Donna & hope you get lots more nice surprises like that. Tracee xx

  5. What a wonderful gift!!
    Merry Christmas Donna!

  6. Shell is a thoughtful friend indeed! I love those "Old World" Christmas Ornaments I have some that are vegtables, cute as can be.

  7. Oh My! How womderful!
    It is a beautiful ornament!!
    You were a good girl!

  8. What a wonderful heartfelt treasure... truly a Christmas moment indeed.
    Have a very Merry Christmas.
    Always, Queenie

  9. Shell certainly sent you lovely gifts!! I love the corgi ornament!! So cute!

  10. I'm soooooooo happy you love it! Merry Christmas dear friend. I love ya bunches!


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