December 16, 2011

Santa's Tired...

The elves are taking a break. The last of the immediate gifts are made and are shipping out today. I can't show any more full photos until after Christmas, but I took pictures of everything so I can share them later.

I still have a few things to make, but there isn't the urgency on these that there was for the others. (The gang at Paneras meets on Tuesday, so I can work on their gifts on Sunday or Monday, for example.) I think I'll just rest for a bit and regroup so I don't miss any of the things I planned to do.
Tag is going to be in an obedience demo with "Uncle Mike" today. I'm so proud of him and wish I could be there to see all the smiling faces as they, too, fall in love with my corgi! I'm hoping someone takes photos so I'll be able to add them to his "Boot Camp" scrapbook.

Off for Saturday morning coffee with the girls. Hope y'all have a grand day!

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Buttons said...

I bet I know where this is headed! You do such beautiful and thoughtful work, Donna!

nancy huggins said...

Can't wait to see all the things you made..I also have to wait until after Christmas to show all the quilts I made for friends and Family..It just might be the time they decide to look at my blog..You should be a real proud mommie of your sweet little Tag.
Have a great week end

Sherri said...

You deserve a break Donna! I hope someone takes pictures of Tag for you too! He is so cute and I miss him!!

Anonymous said...

Donna, What a fun day to look forward to - the gang at Paneras! And with all the pastries to tempt you! Oh my!

Wishing you Blessings at Christmas!
(Have been seeing some of your beautiful work posted on Pinterest from time-to-time by admiring fans!)

Hugs, Diane


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