August 31, 2011

A Scrappy Quilt Gift...

My BFF, Lee recently gifted me a cherished family heirloom. It's a scrappy quilt made by her Grandma Busse. Lee thinks is was made in the 1960s, which makes it about fifty years old. That makes this beautiful quilt an antique. (Funny how I like thinking of things as antique, but my fifty plus years still don't qualify me as antique in my mind!)
Lee said that her grandmother gathered her friends to help hand-quilt the front, batting and backing together. Don't you love the squares, joined to the circles to make the blocks? There aren't many squares where a fabric is repeated within the block. Most change fabrics for each component of each block. I only found a very few that repeated (corner to corner) like this one does.
You don't have to look too hard to see all the tiny stitches that went into this quilt. The fabrics are diverse and colorful - each more interesting than the last.
I think the backing - a red and white print - is perfectly paired with the scrappy front. The front border is a blue and green floral that just makes me smile.
All those hands gathered to make this quilt is a testament to their friendship. Now, it's a generous gift from my dear friend, Lee to me.

I will care for it and think of Lee and her quilting Grandma Busse whenever I look at it. I'll be reminded of generations of warm hugs - handed from grandmother to mother to daughter (Lee) to this friend - whenever I sit beneath its colorful squares. I'm honored to be able to call this scrappy quilt mine.

Thank you, Lee.
PS: Jess asked me to thank all of you for your comments on yesterday's post. She will be listing crowns for boys and girls in her Etsy shop right after Labor Day, so please check back. You can also friend "Granola" on Facebook for her latest updates and newest creations.

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Sherri said...

Donna, that was so nice of your friend! What a very beautiful quilt. What a treasure! ENJOY your gift!

Carol said...

What a wonderful gift. Just thinking about the quilters gathering and discussing the topics of the day and enjoying each others company brings all that creative friendship energy right to YOU. It lives on forever.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Donna, this is such a meaningful gift. I always love things lovingly made by another woman's hands. I feel a part of their soul is within. So nice of Lee to share it with you. Twyla

Createology said...

Lee is certainly your treasured friend who has given you such a treasured heirloom quilt. Your story of the quilt reminds me of the book I read..."The Persian Pickle Club" by Sandra Dallas. Safe Labor Holiday weekend dear...

Patty said...

Nice gift, I know it has a good home.

Tracy Suzanne said...

Such a lovely quilt Donna, and even more so because it came from such a special friend. This reminds me of some of my grandmothers quilts that I so under appreciated at the time. The were ripped and worn by the time my mother had them and because they were scrap quilts I couldn't appreciate their beauty. I do remember them being so perfect for wrapping up in. I don't think I've felt anything as wonderful since.

Thanks for sharing yours with us and for stopping by to visit.
OX's...Tracy :)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

What a lovely quilt! I have so much admiration for quilt makers - for their hard work in creating such intricate and beautiful designs. I know you will definitely cherish this!


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