August 2, 2011

A Woman's Crowning Glory...

Me, in all my curly glory.
I'm sure you're heard the term "her crowning glory" in reference to a woman's hair. (If you haven't, don't blame me. I didn't make it up!) It doesn't matter how young or "mature" a woman becomes, she still gauges her appearance by her hair. (We won't talk about weight in this post!) It's really quite interesting how a good or bad hairdo can set your mood for the day!

I told you a while back that I was going to try to grow my hair longer. I've been wearing it in my short crop for nearly ten years, and thought it might be fun to try something different. I've been growing it out since last October, with mixed feelings. There are two things I hadn't considered. 1) That it would be so bloody hot this summer and 2) that my thick hair would be growing back so curly!

The fact that it was growing back as curly as it has wouldn't actually be an issue (women can use blow dryers and other hair tools to compensate for curly), but the heat and humidity cause my hair to revert to it's natural look within minutes of being outside...and having such a thick head of hair makes it feel even hotter.
Curly from the back, too/
So, coming or going, I look like a curly-haired grandma - whether that was the plan for the day or not. ( I love to be a grandma, but not to necessarily look like one. Lord, please forgive my vanity.) So, this happened to be a good look - newly washed and styled - but waking up with this hair first thing in the morning before I have a chance to style it again is a truly frightening sight. This is a high maintenance look for me.

I finally decided to give The Hair Goddess, Nicole a call and schedule an appointment to discuss my options. I walked into the salon, fully expecting that I'd leave with the short-short, easy-care hairdo that I've come to know and love. Heck, put on my glasses with the sparkly rims and I'd look tidy and dressy even before I changed out of my pjs!.

We chatted for a little while after I sat in her chair and she suggested we try an interim cut for a little while. She told me that if I still wanted to go back to the short-short cut, I could come back in and she'd gladly take off the rest of the curls.
My new look. Easy care? We'll see.
So, I planned ahead and asked Handsome to take the "before" photos yesterday morning, and then these "after" photos to share as well. The "afters" were taken straight from the salon. I haven't done anything since getting back home from the salon, and we'll see how it looks tomorrow. I think I like it, though.

Trying to be objective, I think that less hair makes my face look slimmer (no trick photography involved - lol), and I can tell you that it's definitely less hair to wear in this heat.
Still curly, but less hair.
Of course, curly hair still does it's own thing, but heck, so do I! That's something I can live with. I'll try this for a week or two and then decide whether or not to go back to the hairstyle that requires nothing of me except "wash and go" and three-week trims.

Isn't it interesting how a new "do" can change your whole outlook? I feel so much better already.

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nancy huggins said...

I love your new look Donna..Nellie has very curly hair and it used to be long and looked so cute when she pulled some up and left a few hairs hanging (you know what I mean..right?) well now she straightens it every morning and she is a nanny..why would she worry about her hair when she spends it with 2 kids under 3 all day. Last week end she went on a mini trip to Ohio and the humidity was so bad that straightening her hair did no good. It was curly weather she liked it or not. I wish I could have just 2 or 3 curls...when I get a perm and tell them I just want a body wave I end up with curls everywhere (you know..the little old granny kind)
I like your hair just like it is so just listen to me and keep it that way :)

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I think it's perfect! I always feel better about myself after I've had a haircut! Twyla

T.@WhatWeKeep said...

I think you look great with the new style. It's soft and so feminine. I like my short hair cut and you are so right about the heat! It's so much easier to fix and deal with in the pool.
We call that bad morning hair "chicken head". Lol

Quiltin' Sandy said...

The new "do" looks good, Donna, and will be a lot cooler, too! :)

Carol said...

I like the cut. Its still wash and go and curly but with a polished look.

I never could wear short hair. My hair is wavy and I keep long layers in it. If I worked it, it would be the Farrah Look. Its longest strand is almost to my waist. But Mostly I clip it up. For me, long is easier. Your new look is great!

Anonymous said...

MUCH more feminine and soft...I like it!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

You look fabulous, Donna! I love your new cut. I too, have been growing my hair out since last September. It's finally long enough to get in a short pony tail (my goal for running purposes) but what I wouldn't give for a little more natural curl!

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Love it! You look beautiful with that cut!
xx, shell

BLISS angels said...

Miss Donna i feel as if your post is mine wow! I had been growing my hair for a while but could never get pass my neck I so wanted to get it in a ponytail but every time it got too long I would cut it... so i had it in a bob, which i love apart from like you I have curly hair so i would spend my morning with a hair iron to get out the curl.... I few weeks ago I looked at my poor hair. the hot iron was killing it.. so with out much thought I went to my hairdesser and said"cut in off" it is now in a is it wonderful in this heat and so easy to deal with .. and I think I look younger... hair unlike our weight we can shed in mintutes and it can take years off us.... I love your new haircut it suits your face and it short without losing some of the curl, which is so pretty

ImagiMeri said...

Hey Pretty Lady,

I think you're perfect all the time. You are truly one of the loveliest ladies around and even bald wouldn't change that. However, I know what you're talking about as I have very thick, heavy hair as well. For most of my life I've kept it very short (hey I live in AZ, it's hot out here) and as you say "the maintenance was easy." I started growing it out over 1.5 years ago as my daughter was getting married and I wanted one of those sophisticated updo's. After her wedding I cut off about 12 inches for donation to the "Locks of Love." I've been growing it out again to donate, but with this heat and humidity I think this will be the last time. Maybe I'll be brave and post piccy's of before and after, too. Enjoy the breeze pretty lady.


Jillayne said...

A new do is an amazing mood lifter when it's a good one and yours is just perfect! Your hairdresser was bang on about an interim cut - I love that you still have some curl and hopefully it will be easy to keep up with.
You look terrific Donna!!

Createology said...

Your hair is as beautiful as you are my dear. Curly and thick is lushious. I completely understand the struggles of growing it out. Your hairdresser is a gem. Doing this interim cut is very smart and I think you look fantastic. I love the softness of the curls and they should definitely do whatever they feel each day. You have the best smile and twinkly eyes! I am sorry you are having such miserable heat. We have been very fortunate this summer with perfect weather which I feel is trying to make up for the 7 months of hideous winter we had. Keep smiling beautiful lady...

Sherri said...

Donna, you are beautiful with whatever hairdo you choose, but I do like the new one! Keeping cool is a must right now for sure!

Debora said...

Donna, I like both! You are darling with curls and with short hair, too. I am finding that my hair is really curly now, but I don't have thick hair--it's very thin (falls out due to my thyroid conditon). So I'm thankful for the curl on one hand, but with humidity, it is quite a bit, um, crazier! :o)

sunny said...

Love the new 'do'! It's very soft and feminine, and I agree that it makes your face look slimmer.

Patty said...

Like your "New Do" as a fellow curly haired person I understand exactly what you mean. I've haven't gone as short as you and never blow dry because I would look like a total frizz ball!

Minimiss said...

I like the new look - nice and soft. I just wish I had some of your curls. I would gladly swap you some of my fine and straight for thick and curly.

sissie said...

Hi Donna,
My hair is as straight as a stick so I would love to have some of your lovely curls.
You are so beautiful and I love your soft curls. The cut really shapes your face and shows off your lovely features.


Rettabug said...

I like it both ways, Donna but I can sure relate to the awful heat & humidity making it worse to wear it long. Mine feels like I'm wearing a HAT! I have it pulled up almost ALL the time right now.

That middle stage, where you can't put it in a ponytail or clip it up off your neck with a claw barrette is the worst, though.

You look GREAT with those tiny wisps of silver around your face. My sister's coloring is very similar to yours & I often wonder if mine might be, too. *wink*


Chris said...

Yup.....the shorter hair definitely compliments your lovely face. I'm envious of your curls and you're so's bloody hot down here! My hair is very, very thick with waves but I know too many ladies who would give much for more hair so I'm not complaining.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Oh, I SO hear you about the heat and humidity. I KNOW this summer has been awful because I can see it in my hair! LOL You have lovely curls, Donna. But I understand full well your frustrations. Your "interim" cut is cute and flattering. :)


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