August 27, 2011

Sunday Scripture...

"I do not cease to give thanks for you,
remembering you in my prayers."
- Ephesians 1:16

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Twyla and Lindsey said...

I can't help remembering the people on the east coast in my prayers. Twyla

Marydon said...

Beautiful share, Donna. We are all fine here in MD.

Is that your hydrangea? It is awesome. I hope my 2 newbies do well over the winter for next year.

Have a beautiful week, my friend.

Createology said...

May your week ahead be truly blissful...

Tonya said...

Been taking a quick breeze through your post. I am going to enjoy your blog...your business intrigues me! I have this dream of owning a business all dedicated to non-idle hands. (Hillbilly HANDiworks.)
This verse is a great reminder that would should pray without ceasing, and when we do tell someone that we will pray for them...then that is what we should do!


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