August 9, 2011

Goodnight, Sweethearts...

When we first moved to Florida ten years ago, we arrived with four dogs...Kes' dad, Morgan; my male Labrador, Bannor; Kes and my Golden retriever, Kirby. While Kes and Kirby always got along, they always vied for my attention. I didn't get one girl without the other. One should always be so fortunate to have the affection of a dog, let alone more than one. I've been blessed, that's for sure.

When our younger son lost his Labrador, Friday (Bannor's litter mate), I asked if they'd like to have Kirby come and live with them. I knew she'd love being an "only dog" and all the attention she would have to herself. They said "yes", and Kirby went to live with them about nine years ago.

After our granddaughters were born, Kirby took on the roll of nanny/ protector/big sister to both of them and they all enjoyed a loving relationship as one big happy family.

Whenever I went back to Wisconsin, I could still see my pretty Golden girl and snuggle her as she snuffled me - knowing that she now fully belonged where she was with our son and his family. It was win/win for all of us.
DC's Kirby of Hawk Hill

 06/28/99 - 08/08/11
On Monday, sweet Kirby went to The Rainbow Bridge. I was so glad that I was able to see her and tell her that I loved her one last time. She had been sick for some time, but passed as gracefully as she lived her life. Her family - and ours - mourn her passing together, but we know that she's a young, healthy dog again and that brings us comfort.
DC's Lady Kes of Morgan
11/03/97 - 08/09/11
Yesterday, Kes went to meet her at The Bridge. Kes was three months short of fourteen years old. In addition to all the old dog afflictions, she had been declining in recent months, losing fourteen pounds since June. She no longer had a zest for life, but wanted nothing more than to be with us.

When you love your dogs as we do, you know that that's not a good enough - or fair - reason to keep them with you. She was beginning to suffer and so we had to be as loving, but objective as we could be. We finally made the ultimate sacrifice that a pet owner has to make. We let her go.

This song kept running through my head today (in fact, it's one of the last things I said to her), so I'll close by sharing it with you.
For my Facebook friends, I know the video won't show. Here's the link:

I'm going to take a few days off. I know you'll understand. I just want to step back and take the time to mourn the loss of our sweethearts. I'll be back with my Sunday Scripture.
11/03/97 - 08/10/11
UPDATE: Kes' last remaining litter mate, Duke, died Wednesday.  I can't believe how much he looked like his sister! One more good dog joining the party at The Rainbow Bridge. Our sympathies go out to his owner and family. I know he'll be sorely missed.


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Jo said...

Dear Donna,
My heart goes out to you. I still mourning my sweet Emily but I knew at the time that she needed to rest and be pain free again. Someone very sweet wrote me “we bring pets into our lives knowing it will be for a much shorter period than we would like it to be yet we do it anyway. That must say something about how important they are to us. Take comfort in knowing you’ve given her the best life possible. “ I hope you find as much comfort in those words as I did and do. Please take care

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Donna, my heart is heavy for you. I know you will miss your girl so much. She was such a sweet girl and I so enjoyed getting to know her. Thank you for sharing her with us. You know I will be praying for you and wishing you peace. I also know that Kes will be so happy to see Fezzik again! Much love to you! Twyla

Lisa Leggett said...

I'm so sad to hear of Kess's passing, I've such a lump in my throat at the moment... To hear about the loss of a good friend like Miss Kessie just breaks my heart, and I'm so sorry. I can't imagine that this can be any easier after having lost little Fezzik so recently. I'm glad that you & Handsome were able to help Kess onto the bridge and that she's now with her other K9 pals. It's hard, being a good mama.

We're watching our little pal decline rapidly, as well. I think we'll soon be where you are now. Our little Butchie-boy is nearing the end of his battle with bladder cancer. Oh the love we have for these animals... it's so big, and yet is nothing compared to the love they give us.

God bless your heart, Donna.

April Mechelle said...

Donna, I am so sorry.. 2 families losing their beloved pets within a day of each other. My little one, Rebel is 15 years old and is slowing with age. Know I am thinking of you during this time..

The Farmer's Attic said...


I'm so sorry to hear once again of a loss of one of your very much loved pets. My heart aches for you. I know there is a day coming soon that I too will struggle with the loss of my Maggie. I could cry thinking about it. They sure do become like our very own family don't they?

Praying for you at this time.


Mandy said...

I was so sorry to hear that you had lost Kes. She had had a very happy life.
My thoughts are with you.

Megan Chamberlain said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Kes was such a beautiful looking older lady. They manage to leave such a huge gap in our lives when they have to leave. She had an amazing long life with you and that is so important.

Carol said...

Its so hard to read this post, knowing how much you love your fur friends. Its a decision we pray we won't have to make, then feel guilty that we may have waited a day too long because we battle the inner turmoil of wanting to do the right thing at the right time. I write this knowing that I'll be making this decision yet again in the near future.

I'm squeezing your hand now, to reassure you that you did what was best for Kes and she knew how much you loved her. When she left, she reminded Tag that he would be the one to comfort you now.
Much Love Donna. Its a time to rejoice in the memories of your friend.
xx, Carol

Penny said...

Dear Donna,

Sorry to hear of Kes's journey to the Rainbow Bridge. We send purrs and prayers to comfort you in your time of loss.

Thank goodness you got Tag.


Tina Eudora said...

My heart and prayers are with you and your family today Donna.
Tina xo

downsize said...

Hugs to you and Steve, what a good life Kes had with the two of you.

Christine Edwards said...

Donna, I am so sorry about Kes and Kirby. I know how terrible you feel, and the hole in your heart left by these sweet dogs. Know that you were able to give them full and wonderful lives. One of my favorite quotes is "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.". My thoughts are with you.

All the best,

Claudia said...

Oh, Donna, I'm so sorry! Sweet Kes and Kirby will be missed and mourned by all whose lives they touched. You've lost some beloved dogs this year and my heart goes out to you and your family.


Jan M said...

My heart breaks knowing the voids you and your family are feeling. As I type, my elderly Schnauzer snores by my feet. He no longer runs and jumps as he once did, and we may also soon face this decision. It is such a difficult one, but one I know you made with the same great love that Kes felt throughout her life. I am so thankful that many of us also came to love and enjoy her through your blog. Hugs for you during these next few days.

Sassy Marsha said...

Sending you much love and a big ((HUG))


Sassy Marsha said...
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Michelle May (Shell) said...

I'm so know I share your tears...hugs for your heart.
:( :( :(

Love ya, Shell

Sherri said...

Oh Donna, I am so sorry about your loss of Kes, she was a great dog. You have had alot of sad things with the loss of the 2 dogs within such a short span of time and I wish I was there to give you a hug. Please accept this cyber hug. Hug Tag a little tighter over the next few days. Bless you my friend!

Elsina said...

I am so sad for your loss of these two beautiful darling friends. Sharing a tear with you and wishing you so much comfort and strength to get through these difficult days.

Createology said...

Good Night Sweet Kes. You definitely had a loving family and you were able to have a good long life.

Dear Donna I can't even see what I am typing for the tears However I wish you many great memories that fill the void Kes will leave in your heart.

Your graceful post is a wonderful tribute to dear Kes. Blessings...

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

Donna, I am so sorry.
I sit here with tears in my eyes, because as darling as I think your corgis have been, I've always had a soft spot for Kes.

She lived a wonderful puppy life. She was so loved.
And I fully believe in a Heaven with our furbabies, so she will be there to welcome you on the other side.

Much love,

Karen M said...

Donna, I'm so sorry about Kes and Kirby. Kes was quite a wonderful girl, and Kirby must have been also. Hugs to you.

Ellie's Country Accents said...

I had tears in my eyes reading your blog. I lost two loved fur babies at age 14. Hugs for you, Ellie

Whimsey Creations said...

I've lost many fur babies over the years and it's always a sad thing. Please know that you and your family are in my prayers.

Sewing In CT said...

Dear Donna,
You are fortunate indeed to have experienced the love of good dogs and they you and your family's love.
I'm sorry for your sad news.

Karen said...

Donna, I'm SO sorry - I know how much you loved them and how much they loved you in return. Be comforted by our thoughts and prayers for you both. It's so hard. Sending hugs...karen

Terri Sue said...

dear donna,
i just don't know what to write. listening to goodnight sweetheart i just couldn't stop sobbing. kes was such a sweetheart and so good with fezzik and tag. i feel sorry for dear tag that he won't have the big sister fezzik had. two of our corgi's died naturally in my arms. we knew they were dying but they weren't suffering. our last corgi died last year and we had to make the decision you did. poor little boo was suffering. it was time to say goodnight. we have one remaining dog. my husbands beagle. he too is dying but is not suffering yet. i read heaven is for real this past weekend. thank you so much for recomending it. i have had a lot of furry and feathery loves since i was a child.
it's nice to know they will be waiting for me at the rainbow bridge. i will be keeping you close in my prayers. just love on dear tag my friend.

DeeDee said...

There sure are lots of good freinds at the rainbow bridge.. you know my thoughts and prayers are with you as I know how hard this decision is... please Donna know I am sending you a big puppy hug from bentley and I... you are a great dog mom... they live such great lives with you and Steve...

:D one dog lover to another... my tears are shed with you.

Kris said...

Oh, Sweet Donna - This has been quite a few months for you, hasn't it!! I know you told me just last week that Kes was not feeling well. As I listen to this video the tears are flowing!! All I can say is that my heart aches for you and your family!! Take care and hurry back!! Give Tag a big hug for me, will ya?? Kris

annette said...

As I write this there are tears running down my face. I only knew Kes from your blog but you make everyone feel like they are there. I am so sorry for your loss. I, too have had to make the decision to let some of my fur children go to the rainbow bridge. While I knew it was the best thing it made my heart so heavy. Once again I'm sorry.

Charlene said...


I have been away from blogging a lot this summer but, thought I'd just stop & say hello to my sweet friend & TRAGIC NEWS MEETS ME!!!!!!!! Oh sweet girl the grief of loosing sooooooooooooooo many fur babies is HARD on a Momma!!! I AM SO SORRY! I remember the choice I made with my precious Reba... You know it's the right one but, IT HURTS SO BAD!!! Know that I'm sending HUGE HUGS & lots of LOVE. Stop by & let me know how you are doing when you come up for air. Charlene

Lisa said...

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I can't even bear to think about that pain. My sweet yorkies are getting up in age and I know their day will come but I can't even begin to think about that.
My heartfelt sympathy...

Jillayne said...

Love, joy, sorrow,loss - they just go 'round and 'round. The beauty of the human spirit is that not only can we feel all of them at the same time, but that we know they are essential and so we love again.
I am sorry you have lost your beloved Kes and her siblings. I think there may be a small comfort in knowing they have all gone together and are playing in the sunshine with Fezzik.
Take care Donna, and a big hug to you.

Jan said...

My heart is aching for the pain you have endured. I can't even fathom the loss of one right after another but 3. Have I read that right all within 3 days?
My heart is still healing from the loss of my dear sweet William Wallace on May 8th. I am so grateful that I had Phoebe to help me heal. Well we have helped each other heal. She misses her bother dearly too but is finding it easier these days. There is no words that can make it any easier other then they are in pain no longer and having such a great time running and jumping and barking for the joy that they have so many friends to play with. They are all there waiting to great us when we get there to go for another long walk together.
Tears, and hugs to you

Marydon said...

Hugs & love coming your way, my sweet friend. Been there & it is heart breaking.

Would you be so kind to leave a comment on my BLOG ONLY, for the Miracle Makeover fund drive. Charlie, 8 yr. old, & his story are fabulous. Every comment brings us a $1 for the next person that will be sponsored.

Have a beautiful weekend.
Hugs of love,

T.@WhatWeKeep said...

Oh, Donna. This has been such a heartbreaking year for you. You are in my heart and prayers as you go thru this time of loss. I know little Fez is happy to see Kes and Kirby.
I hope you can find some small comfort in that.
Hugs, hugs, hugs- and I'm so glad little Tag is there with you to kiss away your tears.
Love, Tina

Stitching Cat said...

Donna, so sorry to read of Kes' passing, and Kirby and Duke, too. You've had such a sad year but I'm glad that you have Tag to cheer you. I know too well the sadness you feel but you have so many memories of and now little Tag is with you and Handsome to create new memories. Graycie sends kitty hugs and kisses to you all. Deb

JCnNC said...

My heartfelt sympathy to you - there are no words to explain the emptiness we feel when we lose our furry little people. I also lost my Brady on Monday, a Cairn Terrier with the biggest heart, and while I am really sad right now, I know it would have been a bigger loss if he had not come into my life. The Rainbow Bridge was just too darn busy this week, but they are free of pain and have regained their joyful spirits. Judy C in NC where you can see Lessons From Brady

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Oh Donna! I am so so sorry about Kes. She was a beautiful girl, and she will always be loved. Cherish your amazing memories of her. It is always hard to lose a beloved pet - as they are truly members of the family. My heart is with you. Kes can play to her heart's content with her litter mates over the Rainbow Bridge. My love to you all.

Rettabug said...

I don't know how I missed this posting, Donna. I am heartsick to hear dear sweet Kes has passed on. You sure have had a lot of sadness over the loss of your sweet poochies these past few months.
Consider yourself {{{HUGGED}} long distance, my friend & pat Tag for me, too, will ya'?

love you,


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